Gio snaps back at reporter over Ben Davies

Gio snaps back at reporter over Ben Davies
Gio being VERY honest with reporter....

Gio’s testy reaction to being questioned about Ben Davies’ continuing absence from the first XI and even only being brought on as a sub rather summed up the utterly weird and dysfunctional window we’ve just had.

That the most expensive Rangers signing have made outside of Kent and indeed Ridvan (since Jelavic back in the day) is a completely peripheral figure since he arrived is a matter of significant concern, and for the second post-Euro presser in a row, our manager has reacted with emotion on the matter.

Naturally, it’s understandable to wonder where the club’s third-most expensive current signing actually is, and when asked this, Gio snapped back wondering why on earth the journo was enquiring about him.

That in itself suggests a deeper concern, that our manager would first of all not use the lad, even before his reported issues and alleged injury, and secondly, would harshly scold someone for asking why not.

Indeed, of all the additions this summer, only three have been even close to positive:

Free scoring Colak, who until Parkhead was on absolute fire. He’s been anonymous since then and the goals dried up in the last three, admittedly with a lack of chances.

Tillman, who fans were creaming over till he disappeared v Celtic then underwhelmed v Ajax. This was why we warned over wanting to active a purchase clause.

And Lawrence, who as a free transfer fans had only modest expectations on. He’s been good, not a lot more, but certainly not a fail.

The other four have, however, been epic fails one and all, so far.

And it’s no wonder Gio, who appears to have had no say in those additions, is testy at defending his actions over them.

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  1. Add to that the total disappearance of souttar and you begin to wonder just what the hell is going on !
    just how much is the fees, plus wages of souttar ,davies ,yilmaz ,hellander ,roofe, motondo ,lawrence,kamara ,morelos (until recently) ,tillman,sakala draining from our club ,while contributing the square route of fuck all ! .
    Sick fed up of this shambles .

    • Spot on Stuart , it’s a mess . It’s part of a bigger picture , somethings not right. 12 Million for Paterson 8 for Aribo and 19 for Bassey. European final money , and of course pre banked CL money . What’s going on …its doesn’t feel right at all.

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