Rangers are being ruined by bungling new Sky deal from SPFL

Rangers are being ruined by bungling new Sky deal from SPFL
LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 11: Neil Doncaster, the CEO of the Scottish Premier League, talks during the Leaders In Sport conference at Stamford Bridge on October 11, 2012 in London, England. (Photo by Tom Shaw/Getty Images)

Want some idea of how badly Scottish football is run?

In 2020 BT Sport permanently lost Scottish football having paid £21M for shared rights with Sky, Sky having already paid £150M in 2018 for those shared rights on a 5-year deal.

But two years later, still sore from losing the Champions League in 2013, Sky decided to pay £25M for exclusive Scottish football rights from 2020, and that has now ‘risen’ to £30M this summer for next season.

If ever our product is deeply undersold, it’s this.

The reason sponsors and broadcasters get away with paying so little is our governors allow it to happen, they wilfully undersell the product.

BT lost the rights in 2020 because Sky went to £25M, and the telecoms giant decided they didn’t think it was worth going higher.

Or, to the point, knew there was no point, and let it go to Sky permanently.

The reason? Because there’s no value in the coverage, due to how poorly our game is mismanaged. Sponsors and broadcasters are usually doing the game north of the border ‘a favour’ by even looking at us, because they know guys like Doncaster and MacLennan couldn’t organise a booze up in a brewery, and that devalues the whole game.

And BT didn’t see the value of going near it.

So Sky get it exclusively, and if there’s one terrible sports broadcaster out there, it’s Sky. BT are a million times better at it, despite only being around in the sports game for less than a decade, and less than a third of Sky’s experience.

So where’s the Rangers angle here?

Well, the knock on is we remain trapped in this country, with its poor mismanagement of its clubs, its game, and its value, while newly-promoted Nottingham Forest got £150M just for hopping into the PL.

What’s worse, the Championship in England is worth three quarters of a billion (yes really) thanks to little more than its sponsorship with Skybet.

This is the kind of filthy money Rangers are losing out on, ‘thanks’ to the £30M Sky deal and Premier Sports getting all the cup and qualifiers.

It’s no wonder we want to get out of here.

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  1. Whether you liked him or not ,David Murray once made a great point when trying to do a major TV deal alongside them and Ross county etc ruled against .The tail wags the dog far too often up here .Till that changes we are screwed 🙄 Doncaster is an utter arse who doesn’t care about our set up and Couod not run a bath .

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