A perilous juncture for Giovanni and his Rangers

A perilous juncture for Giovanni and his Rangers
Gio with a lot of missing men.

Regulars to Ibrox Noise know we love and respect Giovanni van Bronckhorst; he’s one of us, he’s a fine young manager, and he’s not afraid to change things. He also got us to the Europa League Final. We have backed him without question since he signed up.

But his absolute muleheaded refusal to drop Jon McLaughlin or Connor Goldson is echoing worryingly of the stubbornness of Mr Favourite himself, Steven Gerrard, who lived and died by the sword of refusing to drop his favourites when they weren’t up to scratch.

McLaughlin and Goldson are fast-becoming villains. You either die the hero (55) or live long enough to become the bad guy (Goldson). And both of them are becoming huge thorns in Rangers fans’ sides. Not all, you’ll have that tribalistic sect of our support that would back Charles Manson in goal if he was wearing the Light Blue, but most.

And we just cannot get our head around the bizarre curiosity that Jon McLaughlin wasn’t good enough to displace a broken McGregor last season, but randomly since June he is?

He was second choice when McGregor was making errors all over the place, but now he’s remarkably good enough to be Rangers goalkeeper when his career highlight previously was Hearts?

We just do not understand why this guy is in our privileged goal – before kick off there was a heartwarming applause for legend of both clubs Andy Goram, The Goalie.

Then we look in our goal today and see a former Sunderland and Burton Albon goalie with one cap for Scotland is viewed as good enough to succeed from legends like he and Greegsy?

It’s not just him, it’s Goldson too. Blame Everyone Else himself has a wonderful habit of taking, generally, no responsibility for his mistakes. Can anyone explain to me how that helps team spirit.

Even today, a cross came in, sailed away, all Hibs players were marked and the coast was clear. Goldson still moaned at his team mates who could be seen looking at him in sheer apathy and mild exasperation.

It’s early in the season but if Celtic win tomorrow, and they surely will, it’s first blood to them – Gio does not want a 2-point deficit already after just a handful of matches, and it’s looking inevitable it will be the case.

It is early enough to make some key changes – ditch McLaughlin and Goldson ASAP, because they’re not good enough or have the wrong attitude and that will help improve things a little. Of course, more chance of yours truly pulling Margot Robbie than either of these happening so I’m just venting.

But that is what needs to happen. Goldson is a rot in this club and he’s quickly become the most unpopular player among fans, while McLaughlin behind him isn’t up to Raith Rovers never mind Rangers.

James Sands? He’s ok – he’s young and learning, and he’s the least of our worries. But yes, we could do with Helander and Balogun at the back with McGregor and McCrorie in goal.

Yes, we’re just completely babbling at this point. We still trust in our manager, but he’s starting to smell a bit like Gerrard with some bizarre calls and stubborn favouritism.

Please don’t go there Gio.

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  1. McLaughlin and Goldson Villains??? They were already villains and both do not deserve to weather blue jesey, its not a case if we get hammered in Wednesday, it us a case of how many get by those fucking rejects, I think Gio’s coat will be on a very shakey peg now and it will loosen even more come Wednesday night, l have no faith in him anymore, he is that scouse bastard number 2

    For fucks sakes, Ray Charles could see what’s honking in our dressing room, l would hate to play with Rangers the now as they have become a basket case ever since Gio arrived, cantering the league last year to getting rattled and losing points everywhere to an absolute dismal start of the season, we need a manager with a spine to drop those parasites

  2. He will be gone by Christmas
    We need Scottish manager who knows the league

    It’s going to cost the club millions
    No champions league this season
    And next

    • Really someone who knows the league err didn’t gio play in the league? This is part of the problem must have Scottish manager like who and while I agree re goldson who would you play instead given we don’t have anyone available at present

  3. You can call for all the changes you like but the bottom line is that NONE of the new signings appear to have made us any better. While the loss of Bassey and Aribo has definitely left us a bit weaker. It’s starting to like what appeared to be a promising transfer window has once again turned to dust.

  4. I’ve already said most of what you have said . Goldson is a clear bombscare, who is devoid of being dropped and he knows it the arrogant prick. Mclaughlin is not good enough period. Its GVBs choice and he will be judged on it and quickly. Let’s see how it plays out .

  5. I know we DREW today ,thought we had lost tbh by some of comments and abuse aimed at our players RIDICULOUS tbh ,gio out by Christmas ?? FFS joke .
    Poor performance and result today and will need to be massive improvement or out Tuesday ,however can still be done IF gio changes goalie ,defence etc as psv aren’t finished article either ,no point abusing players the manager is picking them .Time to get tough with players that are fucking about over contracts as well .

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