“Looks unfocused – 5” Rangers players rated after more dropped points

“Looks unfocused – 5” Rangers players rated after more dropped points
Aribo in action (Credit Rangers FC)

Rangers slipped up domestically in a must-win SPL clash today at Dundee United.

Ibrox Noise takes you through our ratings for a bit of a gutter up north.


Can honestly say it’s time to replace him. He has been past it all season, and as much as we love him, he failed time and time again today. He’s just frustrating us now. Watch as he pulls off the save of the century next match (!) 5


Led like a captain – constant running, defending, and yelling at his team mates, and he can hold his head up high. A ridiculous 18 crosses, and quite a few hit their mark. No one managed more defensive stats than he. 8


He was a literal non-event as a defender, complaining at everyone else as usual and did little but pass the ball to Tavernier. Managed a couple of long balls but overall looks unfocused. 5


Was ring-rusty and it was a bit of a gamble to put him in. Early signs weren’t good when he mistimed his first attempt at a slider, then of course was too weak at the goal. Needs matches. 5


Excellent display in his best position from the lad, he’s the best LB we have on current form, and his crossing was a big improvement. Huge assist for the goal and should have managed a couple more. Did little wrong. 8


This one wasn’t set up for him. He got a fair bit of the ball early on but faded out as wings dominated the play. He defended well from the middle, but not as influential as he’d want. 6


Monstrous for a long time in this one but then faded dramatically as match fitness caught up on him. Lot of blocks, tracking, and tackles but he just ran out of gas. Should have been replaced shortly after half time. 6


He will be kicking himself. He was outstanding, did everything, ruined Utd, but just couldn’t provide the killer assist/shot to finish them off. Absolute menace but will be frustrated. 8


He scored the vital goal but otherwise completely subdued again and looking like he’s lost his hunger at present. At least, he was till 25 minutes to go. He got going more at that point but like Dortmund, it took him an age to spark to life. 7


Lots of energy but absolutely lacking in quality from Scotty today, should have shot but wasted it to Morelos who wasn’t in a good position, Arfield is just hitting a little lull. Perhaps uncertainty over contract is part of it. 6


From a killer display in Dortmund to a wasteful, messy shambles in this one. This was set up for Alfie to save the day but he wasted what seemed like 6 incredible chances. This, sadly, was him at his worst. 5



This was an intriguing one – showed glimpses of his talent again, but also incredible naivety giving up on a through ball just because Utd players appealed. Hit the post in bad luck. 6


Should have had a penalty, hit the bar, and was heavily involved. But fell short with the quality. 6


Gio looked, for the first time as manager, completely helpless on the bench as he and assistant Dave Vos tried to figure out a plan – the best his assistant could give him was telling him, in Dutch, that there was 20 minutes left. He set up a brilliant XI but they lacked invention up top, even if they played well. But there’s also the ‘play all day and never score’ about this one, where Utd defended for their lives and will be absolutely thrilled with the draw. They’re filled with timmies so it’s not surprising. But Gio didn’t really have the answers today, and took too long to make changes. Euro hangover perhaps, but he’ll be kicking himself at this one. And yes, we should have had a couple of pens but that doesn’t alter the profligacy in front of goal. 5

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  1. I have disagree about Tav , he was no 1 culprit at giving the ball away and poor crossing . Lunstram not at it at all. Arfield looked tired. Aribo has been unengaged since he came back. Morelos lackadaisical and not focused. We need the ruthless Rangers every game . That’s three games and 6 dropped points against slash that may cost us the league . Poor and late substitution by GVB where was Ramsay . Sorry not being OTT or paranoid but it’s not good enough . The league is no 1 priority, no ifs no buts..The rotten mob know that they way they are relentless.

  2. Agree with all your ratings aprt from the Diallo one. He was rubbish, we should have brung Roofe on instead. Diallo should have cut back that chance he hit the post with and it was either Sakala or Morelos (cant mind) would have had a tap in. Also he pulled out a couple 50/50’s Roofe gets you goals. Diallo looks scared. there was one pass he was clearly onside and he just let the ball roll out. Hes 20 milliom bag of s*** , apart from that we werent that bad, was just one of those days. I defo think if Roofe comes on tho we would have had better chance of a goal. If not when we took Helander off then hook Morelos off and get Roofe on then.

  3. Truth is, time is telling and these players just don’t have the guts to go week on week, hit there peak against a poor German side,,said pride came before the fall,,and no more so in this game,

    • You’re as much a Ranger as Sutton. We’ve literally picked the same team as Gio the last two matches you spanner.

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