Welcome home Giovanni Van Bronckhorst

Welcome home Giovanni Van Bronckhorst
He's home (Credit Rangers FC)

Rangers fans can FINALLY relax as Giovanni Van Bronckhorst officially becomes the manager following a swift week-long process to secure him as boss.

We can safely say at Ibrox Noise that we’re delighted with this appointment, and feel the addition of a true Rangers man in the Ibrox hotseat is one of the most popular managerial signings since Walter in 2007.

In fact not one of, the.

We will have days of analysis and Gio stuff for you over the next while, and we make no apology for that.

We went on record inside the first half day of the ex-manager’s exit as saying Gio was who we wanted, and we put every backing into it happening.

We’re thrilled to see it officially confirmed, and our only error in this whole thing was information that it might be secured four days ago.

As it turned out, it took a little longer, and we’re thrilled that Rangers were able to make us all happy with this news.

This is the boost we’ve needed – a manager whose soul has been in Govan for years, coming home to lead us.

Welcome Home Giovanni Van Bronckhorst.

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