£8M move for Rangers man mooted as SG transfers heat up

£8M move for Rangers man mooted as SG transfers heat up
On his way? (Credit Rangers FC)

This morning our ex-manager has been linked with an £8M move for out-of-sorts Borna Barisic, in a deal that frankly most fans would be fairly content with.

While the hypocrisy of the Villa boss demanding ‘an awful lot of money’ for the Croat only a year ago is not lost on us, nevertheless Barisic’s present form is pretty woeful and unless there’s a massive boost before January, £8M wouldn’t be a bad amount for someone considerably below his best.

That said, SG is going to be linked with a tonne of Rangers players in order to create traffic – his name in association with our club is now a goldmine of transfer stories and therefore clicks, but the truth is we only really think he will move for one player. Glen Kamara.

Kamara is a player we know he absolutely loves, and who definitely wants to sample the PL. Kamara would jump at the chance to go to England. And we know the lad still has it given he was sensational at the Euros. Just not so much for club this calendar year.

We don’t think a new manager will make much difference – if Glen Kamara wouldn’t play hard and full on for the former boss, someone he has no connection to is unlikely to get more. But stranger things have happened.

Still do think the best move is for him to join his ex-boss at Villa and frankly give us a hefty profit.

As for Barisic – we’ll believe that transfer when we see it.

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  1. Please please please make this happen, l will pay Kamara’s taxi fare to Birmingham, he is one of our most iver rated players ever, l would take whatever we got for him and the score rhat is willing to pay over the odds for a complete dud that will fade into thin air is a win win situation

  2. Sorry is this not the problem yes he’s out of form but 8mil is a joke constantly want to give our players away even out of form he’s worth at least 15 why not sell Alfie for 10 or kamara for 5 still a profit for out of form players no wonder the manky lot get more for there players our fans just want rid at low ridiculous prices

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