Shock court case against Celtic could affect Rangers and others

Shock court case against Celtic could affect Rangers and others
They're back at Rangers...

We were more than surprised not only to see this story on the BBC, but to see Chris McLaughlin’s heavy involvement in it.

That is, Celtic being effectively sued by victims of historical child abuse at the now-gone Boys Club thanks to a low-key change in the law which allows multiple victims to combine their testimony and evidence into a single case which is supposed to save a lot of time rather than dragging the trial on and on.

This story indeed has not been high-profile in the media, albeit it has been modestly covered by most of the usual suspects, but if the case does make it to court, and the victims win, Celtic would be found guilty of responsibility, of knowledge, and of doing nothing, and the damages sought would be colossal.

We’re a Rangers site, and we really only want to discuss our club, but this one is a big deal – because if these victims win, then it’s a landmark in Scottish law and will pave the way for all victims of child abuse in football (and elsewhere, potentially) to be heard by the law and gain justice for their suffering.

And we’re not naïve – we’re well aware Celtic was not the only case in Scotland, with Rangers also having unspeakable acts under our watch too, an ex-coach Gordon Neely ruining the life of at least one young player and possibly more. Other clubs too were named as having historic cases, and all victims at all these clubs deserve justice.

But Celtic were the highest-profile one, and there’s a reason multiple victims are combining to put their case together in one fell swoop to hold the Parkhead club accountable.

We sincerely hope all victims get justice, and the damages they’re entitled to – it won’t change the past but it will give them some small peace of being heard and being believed.

This case could seriously change things in Scotland, and never again will we allow such vile acts to take place at our clubs, whatever their colours.

We hope for the right outcome for all.

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