Katic tears as loan Ranger thrives in Croatia

Katic tears as loan Ranger thrives in Croatia
Niko Katic emotional after his first goal in over a year...

Niko Katic’s first goal for 14 months has been the talk of the media, with various outlets asking if letting him go on loan was a mistake.

Some of those outlets are Rangers-focused, but we at Ibrox Noise were strongly and adamantly against his exit to Croatia, considering it an error, especially in the face of Jack Simpson being preferred and the reality that our recently-turned 25-year old stopper was completely fit.

And his tears after scoring v Zadar in a friendly really show what his journey has been like, the hell of over a year essentially out of the game being now over.

It was relief, joy, and all the other emotions which come with such a moment in a player’s career.

But this ‘debate’ is no debate – it’s pretty clear cut.

Yes, it was a mistake to let him go out on loan, and it’s a mistake Steven Gerrard is on record as being uninterested in correcting.

He explained bringing Katic back would be ‘selfish’, and even if there was a clause to allow the lad to return before January, he wouldn’t do it anyway.

Frankly, we don’t really know what Stevie meant by selfish, because if he brought him back surely it’s to use him.

So, no, there’s no debate from us – Katic going out was an error, but it’s more of a ‘disagreement’ than anything else.

While there are many fans who trust Stevie’s judgement implicitly on everything and won’t question the boss, there are a few who do think for themselves and simply disagree on the Katic call. A matter of perception and opinion. Because that’s what it was – a decision Gerrard took which some fans agree with and some don’t.

And with Leon Balogun’s injury sweat on top of Filip Helander’s absence as well as issues over Connor Goldson and Jack Simpson failing to impress, we feel we could have used Katic.

But Stevie made the call, and he’s the one paid to.

We respect the decision, but it doesn’t mean we agree with it.

And hopefully Katic will be back in January rather than exiting permanently.

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