Disappointing Rangers on night of intense emotions

Disappointing Rangers on night of intense emotions
Rangers paying their respect on an emotional night (Credit Rangers FC)

There’s no getting away from it, last night was emotional for everyone connected with Rangers Football Club, and we’d hoped for a barnstorming 90 minutes fit for the memory of Sir Walter.

What we got was, it has to be said, pretty darn poor, and absolutely not worthy of the great man.

The opening 20 minutes’ defending was some of the worst we can remember at Ibrox from our side, and while we clawed it back for 2-2, either the players’ heads weren’t in it at all (admittedly understandable) or too many of them just didn’t care.

This was a very, very poor performance, especially against a suspension and injury-ravaged Aberdeen side.

For all the great memories we have of Walter’s Rangers dispatching Aberdeen time and time again, this didn’t come close to honouring that, and was in fact a much worse opponent than Walter faced.

In fact, it felt like Rangers men Lewis Ferguson, David Bates and Ross McCrorie played more for Walter than our own men did, which was dearly disappointing.

Not that every performance was dreadful – Scotty Arfield tried to make things happen when he came on, and Leon Balogun had a bit of a go going forward, but it was slim pickings.

That the most poignant and memorable portion of the 90 was seeing Alfredo Morelos honouring Walter with his celebration summed up how threadbare this display was.

We know it was a deeply intense night, and harder than normal to focus on the football, but too many players seemed to simply not try.

We remain top, but the form is concerning and Celtic have a little spot of momentum.

Come on guys, pick it up. Walter would demand it.

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  1. I will get a lot of criticism for this but I firmly believe it is time for Steven Gerrard to move on. I think he has run his race and is now totally devoid of ideas.We have been pathetic since the back end of last season. He has been lucky because Celtic have been toiling but they are now putting a run together and and are now breathing down our necks. I think if we do not get our act together soon this will end in tears

    • Outrageous comment. Rangers have not spent any money for how long on players?
      We have the freebies and the Bosmans at Ibrox. This is no fault of Gerrard.

      We just need Ryan Kent and Jack back on form.

    • I’m sick of hearing Rangers fans say that we only won 55 because Celtic were rubbish. Last season was a magnificent achievement by our club winning the league by 25 points. Give the players and the manager the respect and credit they are due or shut up. You really sound like disgruntled Celtic fans.

  2. If Tav wasn’t a player and just an ordinary Joe, he would have been sacked long ago for constant underperforming, I’m not just going to have a go at him because the whole team was rank fucking rotten, how we are top of the league is anybodies guess, things seriously have to change and fast because the bheggars from the east are finding form whilst we seem to be going from bad to worse, Get McCrorie in goal and get Patterson starting every game, absolutely sick to the back teeth of those wage thief’s in a blue shirt, it’s downright fucking embarrassing

  3. @Martin Richards. If you are happy with those performances you must be easily pleased. 1 trophy in 3 and a half years that is outrageous.

      • I think if you read my comment properly I did not say you were happy l said IF. And I notice you haven’t replied to the outrageous 1 trophy in 3 and a half year bit.

  4. I knew this would be an emotional and very difficult night for the players. I mean how do you go out and give a performance worthy of Walter Smith? However, I’ve now come to the realisation that our current form is not a temporary dip in performance levels but is in fact what we can expect going forward. I’m not sure how we reached this point given we still have all the same players, but we have and I can’t explain it. Any pundit or expert will tell you when you can’t keep goals out at one end and can’t score at the other end then you are in BIG trouble. As things stand we won’t win the league.

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