Rangers are back in the era of sacking managers

Rangers are back in the era of sacking managers
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Rangers are back at the top of the game in Scotland. Just in case some of you handwringers out there were simply ‘grateful’ for a feeble flag on Sunday, this club expects the best, and we will not settle for less than that any more.

So as the best team in Scotland, we have standards.

It was the great William Struth’s welcoming of the chase which initiated those standards, which made us become the Famous, the expectant.

Rangers do not sit on their laurels and they are not grateful for a pathetic flag day and drawing with Motherwell.

At least, they shouldn’t.

And this club is long-since removed from the basket case it was under Pedro and Warburton, and is now firmly established as having the best players again. We spent £35M the past 3 years, the same as Walter did in 2007-2010. Let’s not kid on we don’t have the best players.

And, this is one for the Stevie G fans – we are back to the era where Rangers managers get fired for not winning the league.

Simple as that – this club has never settled for second, except the extenuating circumstances of 2014-2019 where our rank rotten squad and poor management couldn’t lift us beyond that. But even then, management resigned or got fired. It’s the way of the Rangers world.

Steven Gerrard is no different. He got a grace period of 2018-2020 and then 55 was 100% vital.

And he delivered, in one of the biggest football achievements we’ve ever seen. But you can’t live on memories and history.

9IAR (8.5IAR) didn’t save Neil Lennon when he got smashed last term – their board didn’t look at his previous titles and think ‘oh yes, we’ll keep him because he won it last year’.

And Rangers’ standards are even higher than that.

We’re not advocating SG be sacked, nothing like that. We’re saying we’re now in the era again where that’s what happens if he doesn’t win the league, if ANY Rangers manager fails.

10 years have come and gone and Rangers fans should expect the league title every season. True, we won’t win it every time, and guess what – 9 times out of 10 of those our manager will be fired for it.

SG got his grace period of 2 seasons without a trophy, but 55 last season was his big win.

And now he has to keep that up. All Rangers managers now are under 100% pressure to deliver. No prizes for second place, and no consolation winning a cup without the league.

That is what it is to be a Rangers fan. That is what Rangers are.

The best. And we’re in the era again where that matters.

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  1. It’s the only thing we will accept , especially given the opening few games . We must win this league , no if’s no buts it has to be delivered. Winning the league is THE priority there is no other . Cups would nice as would a wee run in Europa but not at the expense of the league . No Surrender.

  2. It seems bizarre and a bit disrespectful that just months after bringing us 55 you should be entertaining any talk of sacking the manager. Sure we’re not playing well but we are still top of the league. Did anyone really believe when we had Pedro and Murty in charge that we would win the league within 3 years. I certainly didn’t. Gerrard has done a magnificent job improving the team year on year. At the moment we’ve hit a bit of a blip but who’s to say he won’t sort it out. I’d still back us to win 56 this season.

    • Surprised at this reply Rob, thought better of your intelligence. Read the article again. There is absolutely no talk of sacking Steven Gerrard.

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