“Only when Rangers are winning” – SNP launch broadside…

“Only when Rangers are winning” – SNP launch broadside…
Commander in Chief of Anti-Rangers brigade....

Ibrox Noise has to admit – we saw a comment online which absolutely nailed the media and political climate in Scotland, in Glasgow especially, and how it is now built from the ground up to oppress Rangers.

We know about all the recent SNP nonsense with the latest attacks on our club, thanks to some miscreants who have been rightly dealt with by the board, but it goes deeper than just a few Celtic-minded punters in high office.

Anyone thinking the sectarianism and bigotry surrounding Old Firm matches is a new thing really needs to come out from their shelter. This stuff, sadly, has been prevalent in this fixture since the dawn of time. And it sure didn’t stop over the past decade during Rangers’ absence from the top flight.

Indeed, this kind of stuff has been there since 2012 and Rangers’ exit from the SPL, right up till 2019 and beyond.

Strangely, there was no political outcry about the naughty songs and chants from some sections of the Rangers support back, say, in 2016.

And why would that be?

They have only started to become a ‘problem’ now that Rangers win the Old Firm matches.

Green-minded politicians didn’t give two hoots what bad stuff Rangers fans were singing, because their team was winning. They sure as heck weren’t taking action against Celtic fans’ nonsense either.

But now that Rangers win all the Old Firm matches?

Now the songs are bad and evil and the club must be punished.

You don’t have to be paranoid to see the anti-Rangers agenda in the press and especially in Holyrood, but it helps if you are…

We jest.

Being serious, there’s clearly something in government which will use every incentive to attack our club. They’ve been at it for long enough, and when government officials come out with provocative anti-Rangers messages on social media, something we nothing of against Celtic, it’s pretty obvious.

But only when we’re winning does it matter…

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  1. Very happy to note that Rangers are irritating The Cult. Let’s hope they overstep the mark and leave themselves open to litigation, the money would come in handy.

  2. Remember the hanging effigies from the stand at Parkhead 2 years ago. 3 Tims charged breach of the peace and racial hatred,papers sent to the Crown office for prosecution.

    Surprise Surprise the criminal charge papers lost by the crown office.
    Wonder why?
    Useless Yousaf the Minister of Justice,
    No enquiry or investigation over the already known gross incompetence going on at the Crown office.
    Leaves little for the imagination over the reason of the missing papers,

  3. Why does nobody in this ridiculous Scottish government condemn the anti English abuse spouted by the tartan army. Where are Police Scotland when there racist chants against England and the English are being sung just as loudly as anything Rangers supporters sing. I will tell you nowhere because Adolf Sturgeon does not want to upset her core support
    Also to any Rangers supporters who vote for this corrupt shambles of a party wake up

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