John Lundstram makes admission on start to Ibrox career

John Lundstram makes admission on start to Ibrox career
John Lundstram starting to motor along....

John Lundstram has cryptically admitted it’s taken him a bit of time to settle in at Ibrox, but the in-form midfielder has ‘loved’ every minute of his time in Scotland.

The former Sheffield Utd star was lauded as a big signing this summer, with a market value of around £10M, but he found the going a bit tough till recently, with his unfairly being scapegoated by fans who considered him a ‘donkey’.

However, the Scouse engine room man has benefited in recent times from an improved burst of form and possibly the resting of Steven Davis, to alter his position into a more of a dominant midfield role than partnering a playmaker.

He said:

“Really good, loving my time here, settling in, settling in well, now, finding my place more in the team, finding my feet a bit more.”

Regulars to Ibrox Noise will know we do analyse what players say and how they say it, and while Lundstram has definitely enjoyed his time in Scotland, the way he repeated the ‘settling in’, and added ‘now’ plus adding finding his feet show that he acknowledges it took him a bit of time indeed to adjust to life at Ibrox.

He let out a Freudian slip as well when he said ‘it’s not easy to come to…’ before finishing the sentence off with ‘away places like this’ (referring to Dundee) when what he really meant was ‘Rangers’ before catching himself in the act.

But he would have been right, Rangers are not an easy club to play for, we are demanding, and of course Lundstram is at the first club in his career where anything less than a convincing win is the end of the world.

But he’s getting there now, and we’re seeing the benefit of Lundstram’s improving confidence.

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  1. I think Lundstram is a good signing. He’s up to the SPFL physical challenges and is contributing much better from CM . I think he has a goal in him too. Playing for the Famous is hard .

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