What exactly has ‘gone wrong’ for Rangers?

What exactly has ‘gone wrong’ for Rangers?
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It is the question on so many Rangers fans’ lips. Just what has gone wrong literally in the last month to see Rangers’ form look so flat and deflated, while Celtic are now resurgent with a tonne of our fans genuinely concerned about the upcoming Old Firm?

It’s hard to know where to begin, but while we were derided on this site two weeks ago for fearing our club doing a ‘Liverpool’, the events since then have sadly vindicated a lot of our commentary.

It’s the sight of a Rangers who got drunk on success, and got complacent, rested on their laurels and got more interested in selling MyGers accounts and selling a gold shirt than working hard on the squad and reinvigorating it.

Steven Gerrard has had close to no money this summer, and that’s not helped. John Lundstram hasn’t settled (and had a stinker v Alashkert), Fashion Sakala appears to be medium-term injured, Nnambi Ofoborh has major health concerns which got missed by the medical and new man Juninho Bacuna’s fee is unknown, but our optimism over his quality is tempered by the track record of this summer.

In short, it’s very much the same personnel taking the field this season that did last season, and they look a pale shadow of that squad.

The cohesion, harmony, connection and flair of last season, especially the first half, is completely absent, and even the more reliable players like Davis, Goldson, McGregor and Kent look jaded and something off the pace.

In just two weeks, a couple of good results for Celtic and three horrible ones for Rangers have swung that momentum completely in favour of Parkhead, and while both sides sit with 3 points of 6 in the league, it’s the former one who look like they’ll be the side to beat this season.

They’ve rebuilt while Rangers simply didn’t, but then where was the money to do so?

This summer, the traditional £10-£15M Stevie usually has was awol, and he’s had to make do with just Bosmans, and the likely modest cost for the new lad.

We hope it picks up, and we hope the cohesion and harmony returns soon, because with the way things are going now, this could be a long season.

We really hope not.

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  1. Hopefully that second half will bring us all together again.could be a blessing in disguise going down to 10 men.they fought hard for each other and actually played better with 10 men

  2. I think Tav, Kent and Goldson all think they’ve done their bit in reaching 55 or downed tools and become complacent thinking it’ll be a canter like last season.

    Goldson was alright last night I suppose, Tav’s struggling to find a man these days with his crosses, IF he beats the first man, keeper/defender gets to it or clears the last man. Kent’s still trying but he’s a shadow of his last 3 years performances. He seems to be becoming more petulant than Alfredo too, head drops, stops chasing then his attempts get further and further away from goal. I was delighted he got subbed at half time for the currently superior Wright. I find it infuriating when he was so, so good against Real! Loving Wrights attitude and workrate at the moment. Shout out to Hagi and Bassey too, 3 best in form players at the moment in my opinion.

    First half was a bit Warburtonesque, slow, lateral passing, pointless balls into the box and nobody wanting to shoot. Seeing that too often already this season.

    If we don’t put 3+ by them im Armenia, I’ll be dreading the Old Firm for the first time in a couple of year.

    • Come on. Are you not prepared to give the players any credit for last season? I suppose all the teams we played in Europe were rubbish too. How quickly we forget!

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