56 just became absolutely 100% critical to Rangers

56 just became absolutely 100% critical to Rangers
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This is an intriguing entry for Ibrox Noise to be compiling and we find ourselves in a strange place cobbling this together.

Not, you understand, because winning the SPL is not important – it absolutely is, and 56 is high priority.

But because getting 55 was the main one, and getting a place in the CL as a result.

One out of two happened, and if we’d absolutely had to choose between the two it was no contest – 55 every time.

But losing out on the CL has cost us up to £60M in filthy lucre thanks to Celtic’s failure to get there as well, and that’s a huge hole in the coffers as well as loss of carrot to dangle in front of new signings.

But there’s a plan B, and it’s a doozy.

Suddenly, winning 56 actually becomes even MORE important than 55 because this season’s champions are gifted a place in the group stage of the Champions League.

Most of us know this by now, but the importance, thanks to failing this year in that competition, has become absolutely critical.

Winning the SPL this season becomes 100% non-negotiable, because that will guarantee us a payday unlike any we’ve seen for over a decade, and we know the club coffers are not filled with plunder right now.

While our fate IN the group stage next season is unpredictable (we could hugely improve squad-wise by then thanks to securing better signings lured by CL in the event of winning SPL) the results are not that important – GETTING to the group stage is.

And that means winning the SPL is simply essential this season.

Fail to win the league, and we almost certainly won’t make the CL group stage, and we’ll end up in a mediocrity UEL/SPL middleground for the foreseeable future.

And our club will not grow if that’s what we’re consigned to.

So it’s not rocket science – win the SPL, it’s more important than we could ever have imagined.

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  1. Well firstly, we need to get rid of the duds that don’t want to be there and now there’s more than a handful, and l wish we got offers for Tav and Goldson, both are absolutely rank rank rotten and Tav is never a captain, Davis is past it, same as Arfield, l have zero faith in any of them and as for Ofoborh, a joke signing and as for Bologun, he shouldn’t even get a place on the bench then there’s Lundstram…… not even nearly good enough to wear the shirt, an absolute donkey, l have never been a fan of Stevie G and never will and pray he walks away as the puddle drinking tramps are making far better signings sadly than us and can see the bheggars winning the league this season, and you are saying, are you a tim, am l fuck, l have supported the gers for over 50 years and I’m sickened with the absolute dross we currently have and the absolute dross signings we have made, the scouts must have been blindfolded when watching these players we signed, rant over and l know you know it’s true what I’ve written because Stevie Wonder can see how shit we have been since the middle of last season, we were just the best of a bad lot, it absolutely pains me to write this but something really has to be said, enough is enough, fuck Europe this season, its all about 56, but what can you do when the players have downed tools

    • So not too much to complain about JT? Maybe you missed the majority of last season where we won the league by 25 points breaking just about every record on the way. Not to mention another fantastic run in the Europa League bringing back a great deal of respect to our great club. Gerrard is the best manager we’ve had since Walter and better than many before him.

      • I know we did but only due because the rest of the teams in the SPL were absolutely gash, are you trying to tell me you are happy with the signings? They are absolutely bargain basement, I knew this was coming, the same as when a player signs a new deal, automatically they down tools, believe their own hype, are you wondering why no bids for Tav or Goldson or a few others? Because they are absolutely fucking terrible, we would struggle to give them away for free and you honestly think Kamara is the answer? Nobody wants them, that’s the bottom line and l blame that shower of shite we have in our squad for the start we have had the start of the season, l would punt Kamara, Kent, Goldson, Tav, Arfield, Davis a few others first chance l got, but SG will never change a thing, he is a one trick pony, and as for him being the best manager ? Souness won more, Advocat won more McLeish won more but no doubt you blindly follow him and say is Stevie we trust, well sorry l don’t and never will and when we get humped by the plastic paddies next week you might but just might start to see my way of thinking but l won’t hold my breath as your head like millions of other gers fans, its stuck in the mud

  2. This should always have been the priority FFS . Without it we will struggle even more than we are now let’s not cover this up . We need money , 56 guarantee 30 Million plus . No other motivation required.

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