Rangers must be applauded for playing hardball over £20M transfer

Rangers must be applauded for playing hardball over £20M transfer
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We have to applaud Rangers’ hardline stance on Alfredo Morelos. Put simply, Porto are trying to lowball on the Colombian international’s market value, with the Portuguese trying to steal El-Bufalo for £10M, which is only half of his rated worth.

Rangers have made the board decision not to accept any bargain bids, despite the striker’s clear desire to leave (two summers in a row now), following an agreement the board made with the ex-HJK man.

That agreement, made last summer, is that if the asking price of around £20M is met, he is free to leave. A gentleman’s agreement as opposed to a release clause.

Rangers will honour that if the price is matched, and Morelos reportedly agreed to this. Porto aren’t coming close yet.

It’s not an issue of finance – Porto have made around 100M regardless of currency over the past year with the sales of some big money players, and haven’t spent a tonne of it. Their transfer embargo stopped them spending much at all the past four seasons.

The press are discussing how other deals may help facilitate this one, but Porto don’t lack the revenue for themselves.

Either way, they’re trying to get Alfie for a lowball price, and Rangers are completely strict about this.

Either a number comes in the club is happy with, or he doesn’t go. It’s that simple.

In this day and age of Spurs rejecting £100M for Harry Kane, of Villa expecting £100M for Grealish, of Dortmund rejecting £80M for Sancho, Rangers should damn well have every right to expect £20M for a player of Morelos’ quality.

The saga rumbles on.

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  1. It really pisses me off when you see clubs like Porto who happily sell their own players for £50m but think it’s ok to offer £10m for players of other clubs. Put it this way. If Porto thought Morelos was a £10m player they wouldn’t be interested in him.

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