Kamara saga rumbles on amidst contract stall

Kamara saga rumbles on amidst contract stall
Will he stay or will he go....

Glen Kamara’s Rangers future is in major doubt after suggestions over ‘stalling’ on a new deal following his ‘head being turned’ down south.

The midfielder, a major part of 55, will sell for a profit no matter how much he goes for, but after he pressed last autumn for a new deal, the situation appears to have changed and he’s not signed the initial offer.

Of course, any player has to look out for his own interests, but manager Steven Gerrard’s quotes demonstrated a situation where Kamara was keen for a new deal and the manager wanted to see him ‘rewarded’ for his performances:

“Glen has been absolutely sensational since he’s come in. It’s not just about what you’ve got left on your contract, it’s about what you deserve, it’s about protecting yourself from the future, what could possibly happen. Glen is happy, he’s enjoying his football, he loves it here and he’s worked ever so hard, so for me it’s the right thing to do. He’s a fantastic kid to work with, he does everything right and I’d like to see him rewarded for that work.”

But now things seem different – Kamara is attracting interest down south, and his market value is high, so either he wants a move to the PL or he believes Rangers’ initial offer was below what he expected.

Rangers aren’t stupid, or tight – there are some very high-paid players at this club, like Defoe, Morelos, and Roofe, all of whom are currently around £30,000 a week. There are some claims Defoe is actually double that, but we can’t confirm that.

Ergo, as a key asset, Rangers’ offer should probably match the rest. If it does, and still isn’t enough, it’s clear Kamara isn’t intending to remain at Ibrox this summer. Or has believed his own hype a bit too much.

Either way, we’re curious where this tale will go now.

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