Stevie does ‘about-turn’ on massive confession from 2020

Stevie does ‘about-turn’ on massive confession from 2020
It's his call....

Late last summer Steven Gerrard made a very interesting quote that we covered at the time.

The manager said the following:

“I think what we found last year is we over-used Connor Goldson. We obviously got an injury to Filip [Helander last term], and then obviously the huge setback with [Nikola] Katic early in pre-season. We need four centre-backs, all fit and available. Leon is one that we are not sure whether he can churn out the games like Goldson. So, you will see in my selections from time to time, even on the back of a clean sheet or a good performance that we make a change in that area because we have to manage them from an individual point of view as well.”

He showed, stunningly, a concession he’d over-used Goldson, and that while he could handle a bigger load than others can, he intended to chop and change a bit more.

As time has gone on though, whether or not the manager meant this comment at the time, it’s clearly turned out to be a red herring.

Not only a red herring in fact, but the big stopper has ended up playing every single match for his team this campaign which is even more than last season where he was at least rested twice!

We are certainly curious about this. Goldson has had an excellent season of course, and you don’t drop your best players, but Gerrard was keen to cycle and reduce the load, but it turns out with Goldson that just hasn’t happened.

As we’ve demonstrated, in fact the manager went the opposite way and increased the load on the former Brighton man.

It’s intriguing, but it certainly worked, given just how impressive he’s been this term.


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