“Hypocrite” – Lennon under fire from Gers fans…

“Hypocrite” – Lennon under fire from Gers fans…
He's gone now, but his players replaced ours.... (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Neil Lennon has been blasted by Rangers fans after it emerged the Parkhead manager is certain to look like a dirty hypocrite following his attack on Steven Gerrard and Rangers last season for refusing the guard of honour request.

Lennon, whose side have as good as officially relinquished the title following the latest farce as they lost in Dingwall, attacked Steven Gerrard and Rangers for rejecting ‘honouring’ the Eastenders with a guard of honour last season.

So we assume, if all is pure and holy, they will now honourably provide us one at Parkhead in a few weeks yes?


More chance of Celtic winning some dignity than that happening.

Lennon clearly said last time around if the tables were turned they would give Rangers one, so, we guess, we shall wait and see if that does indeed materialise huh?

Pigs might also fly…

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  1. Shove their guard of ….whatever pish they want to call it right up their bent arses !!! We want nothing from them or the SPFUCKINGL or the SFA or the other teams just the Title , Trophy and the place we will win, deserve without any bent dealings or help from anyone else but Rangers . WATP 🇬🇧

  2. Aye gone are the days of running up the touchline with arms out flying high and septic scarfs round the goalposts😂😂😂 fanny
    Your doing a grand job lenny👏👏👏👌🤡

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