“Never won” – why Stevie won’t let Falkirk repeat itself

“Never won” – why Stevie won’t let Falkirk repeat itself
Not the best news....

I have to talk about the work rate of some of our players on Sunday.

Yes, the result was good. It was a solid score, but some of our senior players did immediately drop their tempo when our youngsters came on to play.

While watching the match I couldn’t have been the only one who thought it would be nice if they just let the momentum continue, and they could give the youngsters a real taste of what it’s like to play in a team that’s playing all out attacking football?

Instead we experienced 30 minutes of pass the ball amongst the back four.

Being honest that’s not good enough. Especially after seeing how exceptional the positioning of the Benfica players was last Thursday.

In order to do well in the Champions League, when we are up against the very best teams, we must practice constantly high speed, accurate passing football.

Being blunt, if players shrug their shoulders and decide it’s OK to take the day off, they just don’t deserve to be in this team, because our plan ultimately is to get to a European final again once the league is done.

Stevie will surely drill into them how important it is to keep up the tempo, just like they did v Hamilton, and keep on scoring those goals.

There’s no denying the intensity went down once the lads were on. Sure the game was won, but that’s not good enough – we need the kids to know the importance of never letting up.

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