Mischief-making over Ryan Kent is getting ridiculous

Mischief-making over Ryan Kent is getting ridiculous
TILBURG, NETHERLANDS - SEPTEMBER 24: Ryan Kent of Rangers looks on during the UEFA Europa League third qualifying round match between Willem II and Glasgow Rangers at Koning Willem II Stadium on September 24, 2020 in Tilburg, Netherlands. Football Stadiums around Europe remain empty due to the Coronavirus Pandemic as Government social distancing laws prohibit fans inside venues resulting in fixtures being played behind closed doors. (Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images)

For any Rangers fans who may not have noticed, there’s been a little bit of mischief making from our good friends at Clickbait Insider.

Only a few days ago, they claimed an exclusive that Ryan Kent was to be offered £30,000 a week as a new deal, then today they’ve made a claim that Parkhead executives want to sign Kent.

There are a tonne of subplots going on in here, and they’re all extremely suspicious.

1: This is FI using Rangers, as per usual, for clicks. They have a prominent history of conjuring fiction in our name to gain traffic. It’s true, most sites, ours included, do rely on traffic for revenue to keep things ticking over. There’s no shame in that and we’re transparent enough about it. But we don’t resort to BS, lies or complete fabrication in doing so.

2: The Kent contract story has been running for months. There’s no basis in it. Kent is not only happy at Rangers on his present deal, but he’s changed agent to ensure his best interests are being dealt with. Kent is not obsessed with money, but yes, as the time for an extension does near, assuming he stays, his wage will definitely go up. His deal is till 2023.

The only other reason it will go up before then is if Rangers are bid a huge amount for him, and it suits him personally (lots of circumstances would have had to happen for this to be a reality) to make that move and Rangers still want to hold onto him. But that wouldn’t be before next summer at the absolute earliest.

3: How very suspicious that a few days after that story, FI make the claim that some executives at Celtic want to sign him. Not only is that a mischievous headline teeming with potential ulterior motives, but it’s also absurd. Ryan Kent is not joining Celtic, and the suggestion they want him is only common sense. Of course they want our best players, just like in recent years we wouldn’t have minded too much to have one or two of theirs. We wouldn’t mind Haaland but that ain’t happening either.

In short, trust only those with Rangers’ best interests at heart, of which there are quite a few groups in our support. We will not get everything right on Ibrox Noise, we have never claimed otherwise, but we will always speak from the heart and with Rangers’ best interests our bottom line.

Not really sure other sites can claim the same.

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