£1M farce will sacrifice many to save Doncaster

£1M farce will sacrifice many to save Doncaster
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - MAY 22: Ian Maxwell is unveiled as the new Scottish FA Chief Executive at Hampden Park on May 22, 2018 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

As we discussed earlier, the SFA are close to liquidation following a £5M loan they have no way to repay, but there’s a further, uglier truth.

The Scottish game is in deep-mired debt, and after the SFA confirmed redundancies are possible to ‘restructure’, we are absolutely certain none of these will be the likes of fat-cat high paid Ian Maxwell or indeed SPFL chief Neil Doncaster.

Both combined earn close to £1M, but you can be absolutely 100% certain Harold the Janitor and Bessie the Tea Lady will be the first to go, and lose out on their £15,000 a year before tax.

No, in an ugly reality, the suits at the top will save themselves and their jobs, accepting no pay cuts whatsoever, as the cannon fodder take the hits.

Thing is, in a well-run company which hit financial hardship we would accept this as a brutal reality, and that the executives are paid good money to solve these issues – they would make the horrible calls to let the payroll thin.

But neither the SFA nor especially the SPFL are even close to being well-run and this is purely self-preservation to ensure the best-paid are spared.

And as per usual, the proletariat will now struggle to put food on the table.

Just so Doncaster can still jet off on holiday whenever he likes.


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  1. I have been totally honest in my observations and blatant hatred for all SPFucking A and SPFucking L our whole set is so wrong in all departments . It needs to be scrapped and stated properly like Holland like France like Portugal like Spain etc etc etc . It’s rotten to the core and no window dressing will cover it up …The rotten mob leaning will be the demise of this shower. New start , new set up only answer .

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