Yet more Rangers lies as press exploit Glen Kamara

Yet more Rangers lies as press exploit Glen Kamara
The numbers will be big..... (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

The Scottish press have misled with some rather ‘false’ headlines about Glen Kamara after saying the Fin ‘hopes’ to take his national form back to Ibrox.

The 24-year old is of course away on Nation’s League duty with Finland, and naturally former grand Celtic man Teemu Pukki wants Kamara to quit Rangers ASAP and go south. He would.

But it was the strange headlines around the ex-Arsenal man which puzzled us, and showed just how poor our national press are.

That Kamara has said he ‘hopes’ to take his form for his country back to club.

Anyone with half a brain would know Kamara has been absolutely outstanding for Rangers this season, and what his quote actually was, was:

“Hopefully I’m as good at Rangers as well.”

This was in response to a question about whether he’s as good for Rangers as he is for Finland.

This is absolutely not Kamara ‘hoping’ to replicate international form on a domestic basis, it’s him stating, modestly, a fact that he plays well for Rangers already and it’s a non-question.

He’s been good for his country for a long time, but this season he’s consistently put together a package of excellent displays for his club which many could ague actually supersede his Finnish outings.

But either way, the press loves to use anything Rangers for a misleading headline as a way of spinning things negatively.

As usual.

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