Outrage as Stevie G could be banned for Parkhead

Outrage as Stevie G could be banned for Parkhead
It's a surprise but it's also not.... (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

As more than a few of you have pointed out, Steven Gerrard’s charge of misconduct is not only rather trumped-up to say the least, but if he was found guilty, he’d potentially miss the maiden Pacific Shelf 94 match of the season at Parkhead on the 17th of next month.

Well, not miss, but be banned from the touchline.

How notably convenient, depending of course on how many matches a ban he’d get if ‘convicted’.
Rangers have two SPL matches before travelling east, facing Motherwell tomorrow and Ross County next weekend, but if he’s given a three-match touchline ban then he is axed for the PS94 match and we must say for Compliance Officer Clare Whyte to deliver that number would be ‘perfect’.

Of course, these matters are actually judged by an ‘independent tribunal’ although just how independent they are is up for others to judge – the same kind of impartiality found, although not unanimously, no case for Dundee United’s Ryan Edwards to answer.

But we’re pretty sure it’s the Officer who dishes out the punishment if found guilty, just like in a court – jury finds the verdict, judge hands down the sentence.

So don’t be one bit shocked if Stevie G gets found guilty and is ‘awarded’ a three-match ban keeping him away from the pitch come October 17.

Typical SFA.

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  1. It’s wouldn’t surprise me the bent bastards . They do seem concerned about our impending visit . Perhaps they see that they are not very good at all …onwards 55

  2. Wouldn’t surprise me but let’s be honest, right now with no fans is surely the best time to be sent to the stands. Players will still hear him barking instructions no matter where he is on the pitch. Also, Walter used to start in the stands most games as you get a better overall perspective of the pitch. Go on SFA, ban him and potentially give us an advantage when you think it’ll do the opposite. Plus he’ll not need to fist pump green teeth, leaving him less likely to catch a virus.

  3. 1 – this offence must surely be at the lower end of the scale, something the Judicial Panel Protocol document suggests is fit for a 2 match suspension.

    2 – the Compliant Officer and the representatives of the charged body/person both make suggestions for what level of sanction should apply. The panel then decides (para 5 of your article is factually incorrect)

    3 – SG can appeal, suspending the punishment until after the Old Firm game.

    Another poorly composed article from Ibrox Noise-up.

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