Big SFA decision – does it favour Rangers?

Big SFA decision – does it favour Rangers?

As we mentioned in our last entry, UEFA have lifted the 3PM Saturday restrictions on TV broadcasting, and while we talked about the implications on the parts of both the SFA and FA as a result, close to home and Hampden this development is very telling.

The SFA, quite simply, do not want to award this title to Celtic – applying for this ‘grant’ shows the governing bodies north of the border do not want to invalidate this season by just giving a three-quarters finished season to Celtic.

There is much argument about whether the season should be played out, declared void, or awarded to Celtic, but this development shows the Scottish FA are opening the even slimmest chance up to legitimately finishing the season, by bringing back 3PM Saturday broadcasting.

The reality is no one wants a void season, not really – even Rangers fans now would take even a sliver of normality coming back by us getting football back, if it can be done safely.

And the SFA’s application, alongside the FA’s, is a very small intention on their parts to try and honour that and get the season done, whenever that may be.

Why does the SFA not just want to award it to Celtic? Because it would undermine sporting integrity, literally, for real this time, and create a precedent that a team could, in the future, demand the title if they’re 10 or 15 points ahead in March – crazy as that sounds, a precedent creates a legal loophole, even in these crazy times.

SFA don’t want court battles or nonsense in the future, so if this season can be legitimately finalised, any attempt to make that happen will be taken.

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