New Sky Sports shocker towards Morelos gives new insight

New Sky Sports shocker towards Morelos gives new insight

Alfredo Morelos, a 23-year old man, who chose to come to Ibrox after Jonatan Johansson scouted him for then-manager Pedro Caixinha, has been completely demonised in the Scottish press in a manner unprecedented.

We were truly horrified when one (former) reader claimed this was all Morelos’ fault for being, and I quote, ‘a d*ck’, and had nothing do with his skin colour or the team he played for.

When it comes to ‘d*cks’, we don’t ever recall some of the more incendiary characters at Parkhead like Griffiths or Brown ever being abused by the Scottish press in this manner.

Indeed, Sky Sports’ Charles Paterson, one of the few media groups north of the border least guilty of this type of shabby journalism (even their one error wasn’t their fault and unlike others they deeply apologised on all their outlets) did today ask how the ‘off field’ stuff has affected Morelos and his family and how he’s doing.

It’s the first time a journalist has actually shown any concern for the man behind all the headlines, asked how he is and if he’s being given extra care.

And that question is key – extra support. For the first time, someone in the media has actually announced, subtly, just how badly Morelos has been castigated by disgraces with pens, how they have bullied, tormented and used him in a way that is beyond unacceptable and how it may now have finally become too much for him to handle.

Gerrard, rightly, stated Morelos is doing fine and his form is good – of course this isn’t true, the lad is suffering and his form is off, but his manager protected him, as he should, to avoid the bullies thinking they’ve got to the kid.

The level of intrusion into his life has gone to diabolical levels, and not even Paul Gascoigne was bullied like this at the height of ‘flutegate’.

No wonder a reasonable group like Sky are the first to actually demonstrate some compassion for the boy, rather than using and abusing him.

The Scottish press have gone to new depths in harassing and hurting Alfredo Morelos for their own profit.

I hope they can sleep at night.

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