“Best £5M ever” – the bargain Rangers are ready to spend

“Best £5M ever” – the bargain Rangers are ready to spend

It’s been mentioned a couple of times, but we thought we’d formally cover it on Ibrox Noise. That is, beyond Ryan Kent’s staggering run, skill, dribble, and beautiful finish, was the absolutely glorious assist Ianis Hagi provided.

While the Romanian didn’t have his finest hour in Perth, he made up for it with two moments of world class perfection in a match suiting him down to the ground.

First, that staggering turn and hop near the corner flag on 19 minutes, setting it up perfectly for Ryan Kent who inexplicably blazed wide with the goal at his mercy, then of course that aforementioned stunning assist in the second half.

We don’t blame him too much for the penalty, it was a world class save, even if he might have got more of an angle on it, and it counted for nothing anyway, with his later assist more than making up.

Hagi is a world class player, an attacker taking after his dad in so many ways.

While not every SPL match is going to suit him, he is showing an appetite and quality comparable with few else in the side – his touch, vision, and awareness is second to none, and while he surprisingly lacks a spot of pace (more than once defenders have outrun him) he doesn’t need it to be effective.

Keep this up, and he’ll be the best £5M Rangers have spent in many many years.

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