Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Stevie G gives 'mixed messages' about fan-favourite

We have to admit the Greg Docherty situation and Steven Gerrard’s position on it is something utterly baffling.

Evidently Steven Gerrard does not rate the 23-year old. He doesn’t like him, doesn’t play him, isn’t interested in him. We definitely get that.

And yet, everything he says suggests the exact opposite.

Stevie G has done nothing but praise Docherty, from his stints down south, to his training, to his professionalism, to his conduct. He admits there’s nothing more the player could do to get in his plans.

And yet, he just isn’t interested in using him, despite lacking in the attacking midfield area.

He claims Ryan Jack’s form is why Docherty doesn’t have a sniff, but this is clearly false – the manager seeks two quality players for each position, and Docherty could easily be the deputy, but he barely even gets on the bench.

No, we must admit to being bewildered as to why his words don’t match his actions – he speaks of nothing but respect, admiration and praise for Docherty, yet the lad just isn’t close to a first-team squad slot.

We do trust the manager, a lot, especially after that December, but the occasional little oddity surfaces that we have to question.

And this is one.

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