Sunday, 12 January 2020

£50M, Roma and the Borna Barisic bid

Unfortunately, the inevitable has happened and Roma are reported as being ready to bid serious money to land Borna Barisic.

We said after the Old Firm the Croat was now our best player, and probably the best in the league, period, and now this world class left back is reportedly going to see a major attempt by the Giallorossi to usurp Steven Gerrard of his star player, whose stock has risen to global levels.

Being 100% deadly serious this is a player Rangers cannot let go, but if a bid of £50M arrives, we’d accept the club considering it.

We’re not going to waste our time justifying our reasons for that number, the transfer market says it all.

But we’d infinitely rather they walk away and leave Barisic to help us to 55.

We don’t have much more to say.


  1. Hopefully they can wait until the end of season.

  2. I reckon Roma will have to wait for June before getting him. His value isnt going to drop in that time and we need him for the title. Something like 50 mil is a crazy amount of money though. We would only get about 15 mil in total for winning the Europa League!

  3. agree with your evaluation, if a croc like Teirney is worth 25m then Borna has to be worth double that.

  4. Even if we kept him till summer, that would help us out.

  5. I fear that a bid of £35m plus might get this deal over the line , much that i would love Barasic to stay for 55 i think the board are gonna fancy a return on their investment at some point .and maybe replacing a left back is gonna be a less damaging scenario than your talisman Striker
    We also have to realise that this kinda money is gonna come with a wage of ....£120k plus PW ?? hes hardly gonna hang around Ibrox on £30k lets face the hash fact
    Also remember that until the end of September a majority of Gers fans would have bit your hand off for 5 or 6 m for him
    Well done to all concerned for getting him in the door and then getting him up to speed ,but i think hes gonna be off (hope not ) if he goes though we should all wish him well and move on

  6. Please wait at least until the end of the season 55 is more important WATP

  7. You're all wrong! Charlie Nicholas has said Rangers will "cash in" on Barisic to the tune of £6m.


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