Laughable – the SPL has just shot itself in the foot

Laughable – the SPL has just shot itself in the foot

We alluded earlier to the current 9-point gap and effective 15-point gap Rangers (and Celtic) have over the rest of the SPL.

We would like to categorically apologise on behalf of while laughing aggressively at the bitter wee clubs in Scotland who have absolutely failed to capitalise on Rangers’ troubles by wasting our 5 years in the wilderness, at their command, achieving nothing in our absence and managing to be caught and surpassed over the course of 18 months by a Rangers manager who mostly signed free captures.

Sure, the pull of the Rangers is a powerful thing, ditto Steven Gerrard, but how must Aberdeen, Killie, Hearts and Hibs feel that their actions, which contributed towards Rangers exile in the lower leagues, are now right back where they were in 2012, if not worse?

These teams had four or five years to develop their clubs, their infrastructures – to grow into bigger clubs that Rangers would struggle to compete with on our return.

They had a chance to develop their youth, build a team, and even use Rangers’ absence to their advantage.

I mean, that was the plan right? They voted us out because they wanted to take advantage of our misery. To hurt us. Like Ally said. A fly wee kick.

And yet, here we are – 7 years later – Hearts are a basket case, Hibs have been a shambles since Lennon left, Dundee United languish in the Championship, Aberdeen are going nowhere but backwards and Killie lost the one thing making them the best they’d been in their history.

Only Celtic got stronger – that’s right, they got stronger – under Rodgers, that is. Even they are now being caught/matched by a Rangers that’s one goal behind since Lennon took over.

How must the SPL feel about themselves?

We hope they’re happy with wasting their chance – their petty-minded chance, the opportunity they took to cut their noses off to spite their face.

All they’re left with now is hate online. Hate, period.

And they’re welcome to that.

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  1. There was no question Rangers were going straight back up threw the leagues.It just shows what a loyal fan base we have,while celtics attendances fell ours stayed the same,50,000 at home games,we broke attendance records in every league.
    We are back,we will get stronger,when Liverpool take stevie G,we will say thank you for what you did for us,not like the way celtic fans treated Rodgers after all his success.WATP

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