Wednesday, 30 October 2019

"Ok. Wow - 10" - Rangers' players rated v County

Rangers’ had a timely return to form tonight destroying Ross County as easily as one two three.

Ibrox Noise brings you our ratings on a night Rangers re-established their championship credentials.


Barely involved, this was a comfortable enough night for the deputy stopper – one slight scare early on with a misread where he failed to come, but otherwise did what was needed. 6


Scrappy evening from the captain who gave the ball away a few times and didn’t really produce anything incisive. That said, not a lot was needed of him. 6


Typical Goldson – gave the ball away once or twice, cleared a few with his head, but did manage a number of better balls forward. 6


Not sure what it is about Helander and the SPL, but he’s not up to speed with it. Not quite reading play yet and looks a little lost at times. He was ok overall. 6


Probably his worst performance since the St Mirren match all those weeks ago, he managed few useful crosses and didn’t really get as involved as he has been lately. Taken off injured. 6


Starting in Davis’ place, Kamara worked hard enough but lacked a lot of polish – his form is patchy right now but he did play a hand in a goal or two. 6


You probably wondered when we’d actually start scoring players based on the result. Well it starts with Aribo, who had by far his best SPL outing. On the back of us arguing he’s got the quality, and doesn’t deserve the ‘abuse’, while suggesting he’s playing too deep – hey presto, he was way more advanced and looked far happier. Some gorgeous control, a nice assist or two (his lay off for Ojo was sublime), this was excellent from Aribo and a big improvement. This is more like the player we hope he will be. Keep it up. 8


Ok. Wow. 10.


Probably Ojo’s best display as well – ironically produced right after the commentators had attacked he and Aribo for not performing. He had an assist or two as well (his ball for Morelos was top drawer) and maybe, just maybe this was the match he started to show what the fuss is about. Big improvement. 8


Another of Arfield’s quiet hard-working displays – he’s the type who just doesn’t stand out but his team mates appreciate him. Always there to support, always ready to lend a hand, he works constantly off the ball to make trouble for opponents. And provides an anchor. 7


Scored a goal, should have scored more. Good night from Alf, taken off to preserve energy. 7



Did a good enough turn as Barisic’s replacement. 6


Decent. Nothing amazing but his movement always stands out. 6


Just nice to see him. Managed a cross early on but it was wild. 5


Gerrard didn’t change too much – gone was the hapless Stewart and Defoe was benched too, while starting were a lot of Rangers’ big guns. But the dropping of Davis, while a surprise, worked out nicely and the players who came in covered them well. Attack functioned well, but let’s face it, Ryan Jack was absolutely ****** amazing. 8

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