“I didn’t know” – striker spills the beans on Rangers move…

“I didn’t know” – striker spills the beans on Rangers move…

Lawrence Shankland played his cards very cannily close to his chest last night when ‘denying’ that Rangers were close to signing him, as suggested by his former manager Ian McCall.

The former Ayr boss said at the start of this week that Rangers were ‘very close’ to bringing Shankland to Ibrox, and we all recall the former Rangers midfielder saying in the summer that a big Scottish club had made an approach for him.

This was something the hitman, a Rangers fan himself, never denied.

Now with McCall confirming it was Rangers, Shankland has sought to play it down now that he’s picked the curious career direction of Dundee United at which to develop.

He said:

“He (McCall) must have known something I didn’t know. I didn’t know much about that, honestly. They might have been watching me last season but there was nothing stick-on about it.”

If this was the case, then the striker would have denied McCall’s summer claims a top side were in for him, but he never did that.

And of course now that he’s picked a side Rangers have a notoriously toxic relationship with it serves him better to imply pure ignorance.

There’s little doubt Shankland would theoretically rather be at Ibrox than Tannadice, and it’s something of a mystery as to why the forward did not indeed end up there rather than the Championship. But then he has received accusations of a lack of ambition, by being one of the most sought-after players in Scotland yet electing a very unambitious sideways move to the Arabs.

So, maybe Rangers have dodged a bullet?

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  1. His ambition or otherwise may depend on who offered for him. Did Rangers or Celtic actually table an offer which he turned down? Or did no offer materialise?
    If he comes to us, next year would be better for him as Morelos will be gone and Defoe a year older. So he will compete on an even foot with other new guys.
    If the Arabs will sell to us

  2. I didnt understand why Rangers didnt go for him in the summer…. At least not till I was told Rangers were playing the long game and wanted him having another year out playing regularly and showing he could continue doing the business from where he left off last year.
    That still leaves the question though, why not just get him in on a free and loan him out. Who knows?
    In Gerrard I trust!!!

    • Sparky, that was my thought.
      Low ball contract for 4 yrs with upgrades if he performs, lend him out for a year to bottom end of the league, eg a Hamilton, Motherwell, Livingston and see how he gets on. Worst case scenario he doesn't make it we lend him out until contract expires total cost £800,000 minus what we recoup from lending costs.
      OR, we could spend £750,000 on Lafferty and god knows what in wages, then let him go.
      OR, we could spend £2.5 MILLION on a fat Mexican and £1 MILLION A YEAR in wages.
      Mmmmm, one of those options sounds more sensible than the others…….

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