Sunday, 20 October 2019

Controversy after yet another 'no-show' for Rangers

Following another horrible performance by our captain, Rangers fans were left once again without his apologies as midfielder Joe Aribo braved media duties instead of James Tavernier.

Following the atrocity of his mistakes in Berne, Tavernier was AWOL post-match and Scott Arfield instead did the media work, and today it was Joe Aribo to take the flak rather than the man with the armband. As usual.

We really are quite fed up of the supposed leader of this squad rarely being in the firing line following bad results this year, and in fact his absence as well after good results (unless he scored) can only be described as bizarre.

But it’s easy to take the congratulations – not so easy to take the difficult questions and face the press after it’s gone a bit wrong.

Indeed, Tav has faced the press post-match just twice this year, once after a win over Aberdeen in which he scored, the other after Jordan Jones’ winner for Killie in January.

By comparison, in 2018 it was 6 times excluding actual pre-match pressers.

Just what does Tav have against the media in 2019?

This is not us suggesting we want him hung drawn and quartered every time something goes wrong, but this calendar year it does seem the captain is less available to field questions than he used to be.

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