Steven Gerrard has just admitted something extraordinary

Steven Gerrard has just admitted something extraordinary

Steven Gerrard has made a scathing condemnation of Rangers’ disheartening performance at Tynecastle by admitting it’s the worst his side has ever played under him.

Rangers’ opening 20 minutes or so were a cacophony of errors, and the visiting side could indeed have been two down but for the woodwork, and Gerrard assessed the early part of that spell especially as the most incompetent the team has been since he joined a year and a half ago.

He said:

“The opening five minutes today is the worst I’ve seen us.”

Given there have been some truly dreadful periods of play under Gerrard, mainly last season, this is an absolutely brutal put-down of what was, admittedly a truly awful spell of football following a vastly productive period this season culminating in a manager of the month award for the boss.

It’s safe to say Rangers did themselves no justice, and while Stevie’s notes are correct, he also must take some of the blame himself.

This was, from team to management, another all-round failure, mercifully rarer these days, but ever more painful when they happen.

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  1. Mr Gerrard you are creating your teams problems by continually playing Tavernier he has lost Rangers 3 goals in 2 games which is not acceptable, if you had of played like that at Liverpool you would never had a career as the managers you played under would have sold you.

    • To me the team is full of captians..he cant get the feeling he will never be dropped..couldn't cross a ball yesterday..some games hes brilliant the next hes useless..davis,McGregor,jack and arfield are ALL captai s on the park

  2. Seemed to be an arrogance in that display , reminded me of the first day of the season at Killie fight , no pace , almost no changes created , lots of passing side to side without a final product …very forgettable but we are still joint top and we are off to Porto on Thursday ..let's reflect on where we were 2 years ago

  3. once again taverner lets us down he is not a defender going forward and crosses yes he is not bad but his defending is atrocious he's cost us 3 goals in Europe and spl if Gerrard wants to keep him move him to defensive midfield and play Flannigan in his position

  4. Tavernier once again cost us 2 points that's three goals he's cost us in the spl and Europe he is not a defender and never will be if Gerrard wants to keep him he should move him to defensive midfield and play Flannigan at right back

  5. KATIC is crying out to be captain
    Gerrard needs to make a statement no player is undroppable mistakes that Tav is making cost league titles

  6. No respect for the opposition, they went out expecting to slaughter hearts and received a wakeup call. SG has to do something with Tav 3 important goals he's cost us and all you get is excuses and cover ups. If he's allowed to mess up as capt and get away with it you can guarantee it'll continue. He needs a reality check. And quickly 🤬🤬

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