Monday, 14 October 2019

Celtic fans are hating what just happened at Ibrox

As Ibrox Noise confirmed for you yesterday, Ross Wilson was today announced new Director of Football replacing Mark Allen.

Make no mistake, this is a seismic shift in the SPL – with Rangers already top of the league, the board’s original first choice for the position two years ago has now finally arrived, and will be supported in a manner fitting of his importance.

Wilson, 36, is about as progressive and dynamic a DoF Rangers could have hoped to have made, and the ex-Falkirk man, who has ties of course from those days to Scott Arfield, saw now as the right time to come home to Scotland having rejected the idea 24 months ago.

He’s who Rangers wanted in the first place, the original number one choice, and while Mark Allen didn’t do the worst job in the position, he was never the one the club wanted.

Rangers took a risk on Allen, a Youth Academy head – he will be remembered for the bad as well as the good, the Aaron Nemanes as well as the Steven Gerrards.

But in place now is a man who has years of experience in this role for a top-class English side in Southampton, and similarly in his position there has ties to Steven Davis too.

In short, this is an appointment that works, and with Wilson joining Gerrard’s team at Ibrox, it’s a potentially huge shift in Scottish football with Rangers’ management network now completely the finished article.

And Celtic will be absolutely hating it.

All the news from Ibrox the past week, despite the nonsense in the press about Besiktas this and Morelos that, has been progressive, positive, and reinforcing Rangers’ place as the dominant side in the country.

Wilson’s appointment can only help cement that further.

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