Rangers player ratings v Livi – we name a shock MOTM


Rangers last night cliched their place in the last four of the League Cup, but it wasn’t the smoothest 90-minute journey to get there.

Ibrox Noise brings you ratings from a predictably tough night in Livingston:


Called into a few saves and was seen berating his defenders several times. Showed leadership and reading of the game which was vital on the night. 8


Managed some decent early crosses but otherwise was very much off colour – defensively hopeless, caught out of position dozens of times, and wasn’t particularly on the money in attack. A bit lacklustre. 5


Form is going from average to bad – this was a tough night for Goldson – guilty of giving the ball away too many times, and didn’t look at ease against the formidable Dykes. 4


‘Elmander’ had a complete nightmare – should have been sent off, was all over the place, and looked awkward, slow, and couldn’t seem to read the game’s flow. Truly terrible. 3


Actually had a solid enough match – Rangers’ best defender although this wasn’t saying much on the night – and the crowd appreciated him with their repeated chants. 6


Another reasonable showing from the Fin – seems to be slightly improving after a horrendous start to the season. Showing a bit more gusto and making less errors. Also seems to be enjoying a licence to roam forward more, as we suggested he should in a previous entry. Scored the winning goal. 7


Vicious injury but hadn’t made much impression by this point anyway. And can’t help the feeling his removal actually strengthened the side. N/A


Worked hard, and recovered from a head knock to do his usual grafting and harrying in midfield. Covered most inches of… plastic. 7


Horrible night from Ojo – one or two decent runs, yes, but mostly appalling decision making and playing for himself. Rotten. 3


One or two very nice passes and a well-timed run or two into the box aside, a subdued performance from a man we feel is running on empty. 5


Wasn’t able to get into this one much – well shackled. Had no major chances to speak of. 5



By a mountain of distance the best outfield player on the pitch aside Dykes, Davis pulled the strings and made everything happen for Rangers. He looked quick in mind and body and did amazingly to get that up to speed from a sub position. What a pro. 8


We continue to be lost as to why we signed this guy. What even is the point of him? N/A


Yes, in a new feature, we wanted to name the true MOTM aside Davis – the 12th supporter that was the fans last night. They were magnificent – it was like a home match, and the away fans did the club proud with constant chanting and noise, and unless we’re deaf, not a single naughty song in there. 10


Steven Gerrard named a strong team for this one, but he’ll not be happy with how they performed. Too few were up for it, and the defence especially was utterly dire. The team selection surely wasn’t entirely at fault on this one – and for his part we can’t fault the manager too much. He’ll just be glad the side got over the line. 7


  1. Agree with everything said,But Gerard has to be questioned on why he kept Goldson/helander on for the full 90 mins as both of them were Shocking and that's an understatement,Katic should have been on to replace either of them and should definitely be starting this weekend but we all know that aint going to happen and he has to justify paying 3 million for helander and Goldson will always be his first choice no matter how poor he played last night and in previous matches, it's beginning to look like last season as regards to worrel replacing katic last season+ tav has to be removed from right back to further forward and give polster more game time in that position…watp

  2. I think for the first ever I cannot argue with your player ratings, only McGregor, Davis, Barisic and Jack bothered to turn up last night; the rest were nothing short of a fucking embarassment. Watched the game at home and did not enjoy a single minute of it. Flukey goal, defence all over the place, a midfield that could not link up with attack. Happy we got through but lets not kid ourselves, we got more than we desereved and but for McGregor we would have lost. Helander looks like a complete waste of money on that showing, and Goldson's a defender who doesn't know how to tackle. Does not inspire confidence at all.

  3. rangers dig in well pitch was mostly to blame ,now for aberdeen big helander will stroll it ,just needs games ,davis has been class all season ,same as fans no mention from ,bt commentators or mcoist ,now its up to fringe players to grab there chance ,jack, mgregor, davis, morellos, fans, are carrying this team ,time for scotty arfeild to step up, were well on course for 55, w,a,t,p

  4. hope davo goes into some kind of coaching, at rangers,hopefully.as another rangers fan from Ballymena he does us proud.

    keep it up Stevie.

  5. HOD THE BUS HERE I.N no mention of the assault on Aribo lastnight 20 stitches ffs,the livi cunt should be banned,if that was a Rangers player that had done that the media would have had field day ffs,they would be calling for a ban if one of ours for sure,fuckin planned attack on Aribo cunt should av seen red

    No surrender🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  6. It was certainly a dire game, but once again the team got the job done, which is the most important thing. Davis was by far the standout, but with another clean sheet I think the ratings for Goldson and Helander a little harsh. They did have a tough tough night, not helped by being left exposed by Tav on numerous occasions, but with no goals conceded then they couldn't have been THAT bad.
    Keeping my fingers crossed that Katic gets a recall for Saturday.

    • I agree the markings for Helander and Goldson are harsh. They are too bloody HIGH. They were absolutely minging and not losing a goal had very little to do with them.

  7. Seems to me, there's a few lads, sitting on the side-lines like Polster and King eg, who need a fair crack at making an impression, instead of being bit part, players. It annoys me how CG plays bad, so much but gets picked, every game. Just like Tav getting to take the penalties, ever time. Tbh, there seems no reason except 'favouritism', for some of SG's picks.

    • Managers always have their favourites, their go to players, for any number of reasons, experience, skill, balance, talker, leader, etc. Just the way it is and Gerrard is no different.

  8. Goldson and Hellander were awful ! I cannot understand what they saw in the Swede he is slow weak and seems awkward on movement and positioning . He did pretty good against Feyanoord cause it was all played in front of him …Katic and must be in for the SS cause they'll be pumped after losing to Hearts Lolo

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