Dramatic developments at Ibrox have left Stevie G reeling


We’d love to start this piece by saying ‘on the face of it, all is well’ but Steven Gerrard’s own testimony suggests Rangers’ manager is deeply troubled by the resignation of Mark Allen, the man who he admitted ‘sold’ Rangers to him.

Before he corrected himself and said Rangers didn’t need selling, he’d already betrayed the truth and admitted he wouldn’t have become Rangers manager without Mark Allen enticing him north.

Furthermore, with the manager admitting in the earlier spells of his tenure as boss that the management team was by no means just him alone, and included McAllister, Scoulding and Allen, it is a clearly massive loss to him to see Allen move on.

There are some theories and claims in the press as to why the ex-City youth coach resigned, and we must admit the out of the blue nature of it lends more credence to these than normal, but there is little doubt Allen’s departure will be sorely felt by Gerrard more than most.

It seems Allen was more or less Gerrard’s biggest liaise, with the two of them working on recruitment all throughout the summer – and trying to ship out deadweights.

And Gerrard’s quotes have been, it must be said, very negative since Allen moved on:

“It doesn’t change things for me in terms of my role. But there is a void there at the moment. Mark has been brilliant for me and given me incredible support. He sold the job to me – not that it needed selling – as the man who came and got me, which I’ll always appreciate. But I totally respect and understand his decision. He has lived away from his family for two years and he was brought into this club at a time when it needed shaking up. Mark was the person and the character to do that and get the club where it is now. I would have wanted him to stay around a bit longer.”

This really does sting, on a number of levels. Gerrard clearly revealing that he wanted Allen to remain at Ibrox, and that really if it wasn’t for him, Stevie wouldn’t have come north.

The word ‘void’ is significant – it’s clear he and Allen were close, not just on a professional level but as friends too, and while we’ll cover more about this in another entry, we have to say our manager’s quotes are far from positive about the change.

This story may be far from over.


  1. That is one interpretation. There are others. He clearly failed to move deadwood out. "I would have wanted him to stay around a bit longer" does not imply a desire for a lifelong relationship, does it? More of a "I would have given him January to redeem himself"
    I thought he was decent enough, but if SG "would have wanted him to stay around a bit longer" that hardly counts as a ringing endorsement.
    Tell you what, reprint this story in 12 months and let's see if SG has resigned in disgust or is happy with the replacement.

  2. I can't agree with you AT THID JUNCTURE CZ because we are going on a guessing game of Chase.

    1:- Maybe he only agreed to a fix contract,
    2:- Did the aforementioned contract have a " homesick clause,"?
    3:- Was it simply too tough for an extremely astute chap, to deal with home grown talent only for the Barrier wall of hatred shown in stupid prices when the Bears came calling.
    4:- Are we taking it for granted he didn't think Kent is not all that especially when we have Jones, Middleton and now Barker whilst £7m couldn't be wasted on a LB.

    6 Fukc Nose

  3. So your telling me Steven Gerrard never wanted the job at Rangers Mark Allen sold him the job. No Rangers fans will like this at all got to be proud of the team. So you saying Stevie Gerrards heart wasn't there that if it wasn't for Mark Allen he wouldn't of gone to Rangers. The fans will not like this especially when Celtic are closing the gap on 10 in a row.
    You need money and a Rangers Man to Manage Rangers before Celtic get the 10 in a row

    • When I was 2 my Dad took me to Ibrox. I probably didn't want to go but I've been a Rangers fan ever since. What a load of bollocks! Who is this magical Rangers man? Ally McCoist maybe. Or perhaps Alex McLeish. Gerrard is here regardless of how he arrived. He is a winner and is doing a great job.

  4. Perhaps you are over analysing what Stevie said IN? His statement looks predictable, entirely what I would have expected him to say about a departing colleague who he worked with closely. There is nothing at all negative about it, in my opinion. Even if Stevie had found Mark Allen frustrating to work with at times, he is not going to say that. He is only going to say "Allen is a great guy who will be a big loss".
    In the world of football, people come and go all the time, Stevie will be well used to that.

  5. I would never have paid 7 million for Kent. Thats Gerrard giving the team he loves funds for someone who is only worth maybe half that! We were gagging for a striker. Take Morelos out of our team and we are fecked!!
    Players and management move on. Grow up Gerrard! This tells me Gerrard could not give a monkeys if we win the league or not. Big alarm bells here for me in Gerrards attitude in all this!!

    • A bit strong here Jimbo ! I probably agree Kent seemed a lot of money but it's part of that market unfortunately. I still think Steven knows he needs to win the title to get where he wants eventually be . Onwards

    • Stevie G has been in football at the highest level for a long time, he's a winner, it's in his blood. He will try everything he has in him to do this job to the best of his ability. He knows what the club is all about and they are looking for success.

  6. Gerrard might be a winner, but he's never won a league title and when they had the opportunity to win the league, the team with him as Captain bottled it.
    The team since the start of the league have been pretty poor.

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