“Club v Country” – Rangers have made a big decision…


Further to his reveal about Ryan Jack being in line to start v Russia is Scotland manager Steve Clarke’s admission that Rangers made the decision to bring him home after his injury worsened.

In a potential ‘club v country’ row, Rangers’ chiefs learned Jack was struggling with that swollen knee which forced him onto the bench on Friday, and given his importance to Steven Gerrard at present decide to use the power of veto and brought the ex-Aberdeen man home.

Clarke admitted:

“On Saturday there was more swelling and Rangers decided to go safety first.”

Obviously the club is the one who pays the player’s wages, in every scenario, but it’s still slightly reassuring to know Rangers weren’t prepared to take any sort of gamble on such a prized asset and important player and told Scotland he was coming home.

Scotland do have reasonable resources in midfield, we suppose – with McGinn, McTominay and McGregor filling in for Jack’s absence, but it evidently wasn’t good enough and none of them do the kind of work Jack does and the national team succumbed to a Russian comeback.

Whether Jack would have made a difference we don’t know, but with Rangers and our ignominious relationship with the national team well-documented we’re glad Rangers decided his club and recovery are more important than Scotland’s fortunes and hauled him home instead.


  1. Come home and get treatment or stay ,get booed by your own support and don`t get picked despite being the in form midfielder in Scotland .That must have been hard choice .

  2. Said before and I'll say it again. Perfectly happy if no Rangers player plays for that corrupt mob again with their scum support. They hate us and we hate them. In addition we owe them nothing.

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