Tuesday, 27 August 2019

"The brink of collapse" - fans react to another Rangers story....

Ibrox Noise was amused by the response to Rangers’ interest in Senegal’s Moussa Konate.

As we know, Rangers are credited with monitoring the Amiens striker, and reports claim a submitted bid of £9M was made for his services.

But on looking into this story a little more, we were comically distracted by, well, frankly, what the rest of Scottish football thinks of it.

Looking at the comments here on the Evening Times’ website, a Glasgow-based newspaper, and the responses are 90% from fans of other teams.

As you can see, it’s becoming increasingly hard to read about Rangers without fans of every other SPL team, especially Celtic, hijacking the conversation with slurs.

Of course, this is football – we’re not silly. Rivals do interest each other and fans of opposition teams will always banter at each other.

But in Scotland there’s a real lack of the same conduct towards Celtic. Sure, we’re aware some Rangers fans will pounce on Celtic stories too, it’s a football thing after all.

But with Rangers stories, we literally can’t move for Celtic fans hounding the conversation.

And without sounding too childish, we’re kind of fed up with it.

We don’t care what they think, we care what our fans and our club thinks.

A well-known football aggregator has made it its life mission to ask Jackie McNamara to say something controversial about Rangers then publish it as an ‘Ibrox Exclusive’.

This is the new depths to which ‘journalism’ has plummeted, and is a reflection of the conduct online which sees Celtic fans swarm around all things Rangers.

It’s getting boring now.

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