Ibrox Noise Exclusive; Rangers set for another worrying afternoon


Rangers today are at Bayview Stadium for their opening League Cup clash with East Fife, but a little-known fact about the League One side’s pitch is it’s another plastic effort.

Maybe not quite as horrifying as Kilmarnock’s old diabolical surface, nevertheless this plastic pitch isn’t up to scratch and Steven Gerrard won’t want to risk his best players on it.

Our man at Bayview got us this exclusive on-pitch video to give you some idea what we’re up against.

As you can see, it doesn’t look terribly bad.

But once a better sample is taken for comparison purposes, the problems appear:

This could be a risky surface, and we seriously hope no injuries are sustained on what appears to be a bit of a glorified carpet.

It’s not good enough for senior professional football to play on grounds like this, and once again we have to question the law of the game which lets it pass.


  1. Said it before and will bleat about it again, there is no way any top flight professional football team should have or be made to play on these surfaces. The game should be switched to a neutral grass venue or played at Ibrox.

    • Totally agree, you can be threatening top players or any player for that matter with career changing injuries it is just not good enough. SFA need to wake up

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