Truth: why Daniel Candeias is really leaving – and Rangers fans won’t be happy…


Steven Gerrard’s admission last night about departing Daniel Candeias was a very telling comment which we’re surprised the manager revealed, but which sheds a lot of light over the praise and platitudes the winger is receiving.

Let’s be clear – all the positives praise Candeias’ attitude, about fighting for the shirt and giving it all for the team, but it’s clear Gerrard has some slightly more negative slants to put on that.

He said:

“I said I wanted him to stay and fight for the shirt and be part of the squad but he said he wants to go and explore the situation in Turkey so we reluctantly but respectfully granted him permission.”

In other words, whether or not Stevie truly wants to keep Candeias, he says he does, and the Portuguese winger has no interest in earning his shirt.

Stevie went on:

“I have to respect Daniel and keep a lot of the conversation private but it boils down to him wanting to be a regular starter as in every single game. At his age he doesn’t want to be part of the squad and fight for the shirt without any guarantees so we have to respect his decision but it was Daniel’s decision to explore this interest.”

No player in any team has a divine right to be in the team – no matter how well they are playing, the moment they become immune to being dropped is a real problem, and these expectations are unacceptable.

If Daniel Candeias is leaving Rangers because he wants to start every match, then the plaudits over his team-ethic attitude and fighting for the shirt are short-sighted indeed.

And for the first time, after us wholeheartedly praising his work ethic and attitude last night, we can honestly say no man is bigger than Rangers to demand starts every match.

And anyone who alludes to that right is free to move on.

It’s very sad – and we don’t like players who expect to play as of right.

That said, equally it’s the second surprising reveal Stevie has made in recent weeks on top of Helander’s exact fee so we do wonder what the manager is up to with this transparency.

But, being honest is a good thing, right?


  1. While I agree Candeias does not have a divine right to be a first team regular and by all accounts wont play every game. Why is it so terrible that the guy wants to play regular football??

    With Ojo coming in, I will be betting that his loan deal gives him a guarenteed 25/30 games this season. (If he is fit and attitude is there like Worrals contract). This is not based on merit, this is down to sheer contractual agreement. If we don't play him we will be fined, like Liverpool did with Bristol for Kent. This is more fact than fiction!

    If Candeias sees this as unfair and wants to play football, good luck to him. He has done nothing but work hard in every game and I personally think he will be missed.

    If we look now, we have, Greg Stewart and Ojo and Hastie and potentially move Arfield in to that position also. 2 of these players in my opinion are not ready yet and at current ability would not touch the ethic and ability of Candeias. I am of course talking about Stewart and Hastie. Hastie, was trying too hard last night and could see he was desperate to impress and potentially deployed on the wrong side. Stewart while has technical ability does not have the work ethic or fitness of Candeias. (this might come) but we need someone who can perform within the next month against whoever we get in the 3rd round of Europa.

    Good Luck to Candeias whatever he decides, I just hope we get good money for him!

  2. I wonder about this. There has been a lot of evidence that Candeias is a team player.
    Makes me wonder if he and SG have had a falling out. Could have implications for Morelos too, as Candy is the only other Spanish speaker I can think of. So Fredo will miss him and feel isolated

  3. ANY player, and I am a huge fan of The Candy man, cannot be guaranteed to play every week .

    Now, I never thought I'd hear me saying this, compare the magnitude of effort and ambition of Andy Halliday and Candy bum,.

    I seriously think though, SG needs to cease with the incoming loaners when it's at the detriment of our own.

  4. Two sides to this

    First is it is understandable that he is unhappy at being axed from euro squad and will know that Liverpool have been given guarantees of game time to Ojo, as they have with all their loan players. DC has been a regular and a key player and has always given his absolute best for the club, from his point of view he is probably wondering if the manager really rates him beyond being a back up squad player. He has been one of the key creative players in last two seasons.

    On otherside DC has at times been very wasteful with his final ball and hasn't scored enough goals for an attacking player. Effort only takes you so far and it could be argued that he is a fairly average player who plays with great commitment. Clearly Ojo will play alot of games and this opens door to Hastie, he needs to take the chance.

  5. I'm wondering if Daniel asked permission to talk to the Turkish mob before the Euro qualifier. This would make sense as Gerrard would rightly so dropped him and chose players who want to fight for the jersey 100%. Daniels head is wanting a move whilst Gerrards head wants to progress to the next round (if you pardon the pun:).
    If he want's to be a first team regular, then produce the goods on the park week in and week out,, if any player can't do that, then don't expect to play every game!
    Good luck to the lad if he gets his move. I only want players who will fight for the jersey and earn the right to be a Rangers legend!

  6. If as it looks Candeias was all but looking for guarantees on his first team place, then fair enough good luck in Turkey, it is great we are in a position to deny people a guaranteed first team slot, but are we? Kent when fit essentially when fit played every game, Ejaria, Worrell played a lot more than they should’ve too.

    The common theme here is the loan players seem to get more leeway, probably because of financial implications if they don’t and I can’t help thinking when Candeias saw Ojo signing he quickly realised he too like Kent would be playing most weeks, so can we really be that upset Candeias has decided to go and get first team football

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