Wednesday, 24 July 2019

James Tavernier Rangers shock as he admits he could leave...

James Tavernier has admitted a Rangers departure is possible after confirming ‘things can happen’ despite being happy and committed.

The captain at Ibrox has been subject of serious speculation particularly from Newcastle with claims a circa £10M bid is incoming from the Geordie giants, and with the loss of wingman Daniel Candieas Tavernier has definitely been dealt a blow in terms of how he plays and who he links up with, which may well have ramifications down the line.

For his part, this is the first time Tavernier has even hinted that he could leave:

“It's a compliment to be linked to other clubs. I see it. Things can happen in football but I'm looking forward to this season. It's all speculation. I’m fully focused on the job here."

This is the first time Tavernier has alluded to a departure, by admitting it’s essentially possible, and we can’t help but wonder if all three players, he, Candeias and Alfredo Morelos, all interlinked by different relationships, will be gone by the end of the transfer window.

He also manages to possibly contradict himself – by saying he ‘sees it’ with regards other clubs’ interest, does that suggest he’s not fully focused on the job at Ibrox?

Either way, he’d previous done everything to make it harder for suitors to come in and get him cheap, but this is the first time he’s even implied being a touch unsettled by it.

We’ll see how it develops.

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