James Tavernier Rangers shock as he admits he could leave…


James Tavernier has admitted a Rangers departure is possible after confirming ‘things can happen’ despite being happy and committed.

The captain at Ibrox has been subject of serious speculation particularly from Newcastle with claims a circa £10M bid is incoming from the Geordie giants, and with the loss of wingman Daniel Candieas Tavernier has definitely been dealt a blow in terms of how he plays and who he links up with, which may well have ramifications down the line.

For his part, this is the first time Tavernier has even hinted that he could leave:

“It’s a compliment to be linked to other clubs. I see it. Things can happen in football but I’m looking forward to this season. It’s all speculation. I’m fully focused on the job here.”

This is the first time Tavernier has alluded to a departure, by admitting it’s essentially possible, and we can’t help but wonder if all three players, he, Candeias and Alfredo Morelos, all interlinked by different relationships, will be gone by the end of the transfer window.

He also manages to possibly contradict himself – by saying he ‘sees it’ with regards other clubs’ interest, does that suggest he’s not fully focused on the job at Ibrox?

Either way, he’d previous done everything to make it harder for suitors to come in and get him cheap, but this is the first time he’s even implied being a touch unsettled by it.

We’ll see how it develops.


  1. Sorry, this is just wild sensationalization….

    He said almost the same thing last year when he got his new contract.

    Tav simply saying "things can happen" is as vague as it gets. Sometimes a team comes in with an wild bid and his employer accepts it. Thats not him hinting. its realism.

    If you take out a small snippet like the other papers do then yes, maybe sounds a wee bit suspect. But in context of everything he says its not. as per below.

    "It’s a compliment and that is how I see it. But all my emphasis is on Rangers.
    “Things can happen in football but I’m looking forward to this season. It’s all speculation.

    “If it stays like that then I don’t get upset about it. (main point to say he is not thinking about it)

    “I’m fully focused on the job here.
    Rangers gave me a chance. The club have shown faith in me.
    "I have been trying to repay that favour ever since, which means working harder, getting better and better.
    “I love my football here, my family is settled and I am in a great place at the moment.”
    "It’s been four years now and the lack of silverware has been disappointing. I came to Rangers to win trophies. The squad has improved and I’m more than excited to play in this campaign and hopefully we can bring silverware home.
    “A trophy win as captain would be the next step. I really wanted that as a player, even more now as a captain.

    These are fairly dedicated statements. Its always been tough for you guys to give Tav credit for how he has applied himself at Rangers. If you have, it has been fleeting moments.

  2. He's just responding to Gerrard's comments. Gerrard stated every player has his price. For
    Tav I suspect we're talking funny money

  3. What I find astonishing is the double standards I've read on this and other rangers forums regarding our captain. Just a few months ago, he was the scapegoat for every goal conceded, every point dropped and now, probably, the same fans are saying he's absolutely critical to any chance of success this season. Make your minds up.

  4. As it happened I traveled to London of Friday and was sitting next to Tavaniers agent. He told me that Tav was very happy at Ibrox. He said all contracts had clauses that allowed bids. Above certain amounts. Rangers have to accept bid if player agreed. Then it would depend on personal terms. Agent said sometimes no matter how happy a guy was that the money might be too good to turn down. He expects Tav to stay but as he’s says sometimes money talks.

  5. Let's Be Realistic Here…

    1. We are a Selling Club
    2. We do not have the Muscle we once did when it comes to Finances

    3. If a team like Newcastle/Brighton etc come in with £9-12milliom Fee and £35k+ a Week, then am Sorry Peeps
    …But Tav is Gone

  6. If Tav goes it must surely be a transfer cost of £15-£20 million
    don't give him away he is worth more than a poor £10 million.