Exclusive video: the inside scoop on Killie’s horror pitch


If any supporters had even slight doubt about what we face this afternoon on the horror pitch at Killie, our source at Rugby Park has provided pretty much the most castigating evidence of the nature of this pitch, and pretty much why Jamie Murphy lost a season of his career because of it.

Barely any better than a fives pitch, Killie’s 3G pitch is a monstrosity which should have been completely outlawed by any sensible football authority:

As is clear, the quality of the ‘grass’ is horrific, and the whole thing looks barely any better than a carpet – to have million-pound senior professionals plying their trade on this diabolical surface is a borderline scandal in top-level football, and it’s beyond a joke to have the SFA and SPFL consenting to it.

We’ve had some hate mail over our protestations of this pitch, but if Kris Boyd (a Killie Player) and Steven Gerrard, plus pretty much everyone in Scottish football aside Killie is opposed to this pitch, we think our position is vindicated.


  1. I find it very hard to believe that anyone who is either in football or has played at a decent level would think that it is acceptable at the higher levels to play professional football on this disgrace. It would be interesting to see what the legal position of injury claims against Kilmarnock ???

  2. If something isn't done about all Astro pitches this summer then the incompetent SFA will just prove they have no interest in developing the game in this country. But they won't.

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