Will £1.5M man ever play for Rangers again?


Following media claims yesterday that a whole host of Rangers players are ‘confirmed’ as moving on, we at Ibrox Noise thought it might be better to be a bit more factual than just assuming and stating as fact.

Indeed, these reports led to a flurry of conclusions and unfair ones based on no merit at that – some might say common sense, and that would rational, but common sense doesn’t equal fact.

In particular, the assumption that Graham Dorrans ‘will move on’.

First off, yes, Dorrans’ has been a disaster of a signing, we don’t deny it – but he has a very lavish deal until summer 2020 and has more creative ability in his foot than the rest of the squad combined, with the possible exception of Ryan Kent.

He certainly has more vision, flair and quality, and if there is any slim chance of getting this lad fit again for next season, he’d be like a new signing.

The assumption Rangers are just going to pay his deal off to cut him loose seems extremely lazy journalism at best – it may well happen, yes, but to state it as factual procedure is simply wrong.

Rangers could use a player of his quality at the apex of midfield – and while we obviously recognise he struggles to stay fit, if he can manage it, he’d be a far more useful asset than the several hundred thousand it would take to sever his deal.

We’ve probably given up on him ever succeeding at Ibrox, but we certainly aren’t going to wreck his chances 100%.

There’s always hope.



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