James Tavernier Part One


In the first of our James Tavernier two-parter, we are expanding upon our assessment of Rangers’ captain’s merits. In this entry we look at Tavernier’s positives, what he brings, and why we take this guy for granted, so if praise of the man is not your bag, hit the close button.

We remember years ago when we were blessed to have one of the world’s best players at left back in Arthur Numan, and how we got so familiar with that level of quality that we took him for granted. It was said we’d miss him when he was gone and it’s not untrue to say we never replaced him with anyone even half as good.

Tavernier is no Arthur Numan, but for us it’s the same boat – James Tavernier is the kind of player Rangers will miss terribly if he leaves, and despite the criticism he rightly gets (more on that in part 2) what he brings to the side is significant.

His assists and goals, for a blatant start, are astonishing for a RB. He is literally an assist king and he’s the best penalty taker in the SPL, and one of the best in the UK. There is no arguing with his numbers and anyone who tries is ‘hating on him’ as the kids say.

He also provides a constant outlet of width on the right. The removal of Tav’s runs would take a colossal dimension away from Rangers’ system, an attribute four managers in a row have relied on. His pace, his dribbling and his overlapping are vital to how Rangers play, and his linking with Candeias, while recently a little off the boil, has been a major source of Rangers’ creativity this season and indeed since the Portuguese’s arrival.

And then there’s the crossing. Sure, it’s not perfect, and it’s not consistent, but it is a huge threat and a constant menace. Opposition defences fear his runs because of the early crosses he puts in time and time again – sure, five go miles away, but it’s that pinpoint one which nails onto the head or foot which leads to a goal – and that’s his danger.

He also, when focused properly, is a magnificent defender who excels at blocking off his flank and much of the good defensive work he does goes completely unnoticed.

In short, he’s a player vital to Rangers’ play, and regardless of what he’s worth, he’s hugely significant and his absent would be keenly felt if he wasn’t in the side.

In part two, the not so nice stuff…


  1. Tav only shone when we were in the lower divisions playing the likes of Peterhead, hoping he goes in the summer

    • Tavernier signed when we were in the Championship and Peterhead weren't in that division. Although we did play them in the challenge cup final, Tav scored.

      I don't get this 5 out of 6 crosses go wild. I don't see that. I think his delivery is excellent. In fact if go as far to say it's actually 1 in 6 that go wild. Hence his fantastic assist tally.

      Sure he's not the greatest full back we have ever had when it comes to defending but much of that is down to him being so far up the park and his team mates failure to cover his runs.

  2. Love it! Massive fan of Tavs.

    If you were to tell a Rangers fan he was a right winger with those stats they're better than Scott Sinclair near enough when he won the Leagues POTY.

    Tavernier I will always say is next in line after Morelos, Mcgregor for importance. Has way more good games than bad imo.

    I'll be open minded in the bad stuff IN because like all players he does have a mistake in him. Goldson Mcgregor Morelos Arfield Worrall Katic Jack McCrorie have all made massive mistakes this year and none of them get as much stick as James. Think the hatred is more towards him being the Captain and not one of our other boys like Arfield Jack Mcgregor.

    Good piece to read.

  3. You make some good points. To those who criticise his crossing, I would ask who is better? Is there anyone out there that has anything like his number of assists? No. So their crossing can't be that good, can it?
    I do think he may be better in a 3-5-3 as a wingback, but wouldn't know unless it was tried.

    • 3-5-3 would be great if it was allowed. Certainly give us an advantage and we could afford to have Morelos sent off every week haha!

    • Well, I thought that with everything else going on in Scottish football, we might get away with it:-)
      It should have been a 3-5-2, of course. Cheers Robrob

  4. Much of Tavernier defensive failings are in fact the failings of the team. If we are to make full use of his attacking instincts, and every Rangers manager in his time have, then the team should be set up to accommodate it. We have a glut of so called defensive midfield players and most weeks we play with two of them. It should be their job to cover for the full backs when they go forward as instructed by the manager. Tactically it's quite simple. Our full backs play high and our deepest lying DM should drop into defence to create a back three.

  5. Hope He's Away in the Summer
    £4-7m for Tav
    £1.5m for Flanno
    And just Release Hodson

    2x New RBs Required 🙌🏻

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