3 all season – unbelievable stat shows Gerrard signing must go

3 all season – unbelievable stat shows Gerrard signing must go

We’re going to cover the fall out from last night’s dismal cup exit over the course of today, while trying to find reasons to be positive too. But we’re going to start with a grumpy piece and the continuing mediocrity that is Borna Barisic.

Having played the lion’s share of recent matches this calendar year, another feeble show last night v McInnes’ men has lost our patience with him. This guy just got called up to the Croatia national side and we can only now wonder how bad they are at left back for Barisic to be getting the nod – looking at his stats for the season and it’s certainly not the quality of an Arthur Numan, that’s for sure.

He has three assists in the league this entire season – all of them, incidentally in August last year, and hasn’t come close to a decent shot on target never mind a goal. For all the axe-grinding over his counterpart James Tavernier (more on that later) at least the captain gets goals and assists.

Barisic, is put simply, a complete failure in Rangers’ colours and we’re utterly bored with it now.

This is a player, signed for £2M, who spent half the season injured, or being a coward – either/or.

Fans allude to him being outstanding – we’ve never seen an ounce of it. Sorry. We do admit the lad has a left peg on him and a cross – but teams got wise to that months ago and started closing him down. He doesn’t beat a man, he doesn’t tackle much, and he sure as heck doesn’t create chances.

Sadly it leaves a big issue – Rangers have five left backs, and the truth is none of them are fit for purpose. As much as we respect Andy Halliday, he isn’t a natural LB (even though he’s a better bet than Barisic), and Lee Wallace is out. Lee Hodson is mince in that slot and Jon Flanagan even worse.

So unless Barisic has an amazing turnaround, which we’ve given up on, he’s not going to be the answer. He doesn’t suit our club, our league or even his manager.

If we can get shot of him this summer, we’d take that.

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  1. A good left peg, seriously? Ive never seen it beibg used. We let declan john go who IMO was a far better player. Im mot a wallace fan but he gives a hell of alot more than barisic. If gerrard thinks barisic is better than wallace then im actually worried for our team

  2. You're basing a defender on assists??! This is the level of expertise we get? He's had a poor run of form admittedly, but none of the Croatian boys have settled. Infact, none of the foreign boys settled. Why is that? It's certainly clear Gerrard has the players 'he trusts', and those are the boys that aren't performing.

    If we're looking at assists, Kent has only 5 league assists….and he's our winger! What's your thoughts on him?

  3. Granted we want rid of Barisic but who would buy him, im afraid we are stuck with yet another wage stealing dud

  4. dont rate barisic he cannot defend he does not want to play for gers same as grezda ,,we had a better team before stevie ger arrived ,we badly needed 2 big central defenders and thats still the case ,goldson doesnt want to be at ibrox also ,surelly gerrard will play glasgow rangers players instead of loan players that aint going to be here next year f,f.s give us something to enjoy .

  5. Interesting post all giving it big links against barisica maybe not the best we have but to try and lay the blame on him is criminal. IN have said Jack the best thing since sliced bread really also have gone on about Halifax and run through wall for club Docherty the bees knees shouldn't have let windass go none of these were or ever will be rangers class
    You maybe happy with this level of player but people like me who watched the real greats of Rangers can only look on in disbelieve at the rubbish that is now accepted at our club

    • Just so we’re clear, you’re having a go at us for criticising a player by slagging off pretty much the rest of the squad?

      And we’re at a total loss as to where you got our contentment at the playing squad from.

      In fact this was one of the most babbling incoherent and poorly reasoned comments we’ve seen on here!

      Almost as bad as one of our own posts!

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