Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Rangers close in on first signing of January; reports

So as Rangers fans will be only too well aware, the Steven Davis saga has continued in earnest with confirmation today the deal is well advanced, and only the NI international’s wages are a stumbling block at this point.

Surplus at Southampton, the Premier League side must be commended for not requiring a fee for their skipper, and allowing him to leave as a free agent, which makes Steven Gerrard’s job of securing him a little easier.

But that weekly salary is definitely an issue. An alleged monthly income of £240,000 (£60Kpw) at Saints is well beyond Rangers’ capabilities, and Davis would likely have to have it cut down to around £20K a week for this to be manageable.

Whether the player wants the move home badly enough will dictate whether he’d take such a drop in cash. If he did so, it really would affirm his commitment to the switch.

As for us at Ibrox Noise? We’re divided over whether we want Davis to return in the first place.

Some of us still can’t forgive the exit, but we managed to get over that for McGregor and Lafferty. Meanwhile others really want him back and believe we need his experience and creativity in midfield.

It’s slightly divisive, and some of us even remember his inconsistency at Ibrox – when he was in tune, he was terrific, but often he’d go a little quiet in matches and not affect them, admittedly not assisted by Walter frequently playing him right wing. Which wasn’t his strength. But he’s a different player now, six years later.

Either way, Rangers would end up with a 34-year old NI international with bags of EPL experience who knows what Rangers are all about.

And the majority of our readers and followers very much advocate his return.

Who are we to say he shouldn’t come back?

We’ll follow this story with interest.

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