Rangers close in on first signing of January; reports


So as Rangers fans will be only too well aware, the Steven Davis saga has continued in earnest with confirmation today the deal is well advanced, and only the NI international’s wages are a stumbling block at this point.

Surplus at Southampton, the Premier League side must be commended for not requiring a fee for their skipper, and allowing him to leave as a free agent, which makes Steven Gerrard’s job of securing him a little easier.

But that weekly salary is definitely an issue. An alleged monthly income of £240,000 (£60Kpw) at Saints is well beyond Rangers’ capabilities, and Davis would likely have to have it cut down to around £20K a week for this to be manageable.

Whether the player wants the move home badly enough will dictate whether he’d take such a drop in cash. If he did so, it really would affirm his commitment to the switch.

As for us at Ibrox Noise? We’re divided over whether we want Davis to return in the first place.

Some of us still can’t forgive the exit, but we managed to get over that for McGregor and Lafferty. Meanwhile others really want him back and believe we need his experience and creativity in midfield.

It’s slightly divisive, and some of us even remember his inconsistency at Ibrox – when he was in tune, he was terrific, but often he’d go a little quiet in matches and not affect them, admittedly not assisted by Walter frequently playing him right wing. Which wasn’t his strength. But he’s a different player now, six years later.

Either way, Rangers would end up with a 34-year old NI international with bags of EPL experience who knows what Rangers are all about.

And the majority of our readers and followers very much advocate his return.

Who are we to say he shouldn’t come back?

We’ll follow this story with interest.


  1. I hold no grudge with Davis mainly because he didn't walk out on us for free. He made sure we got a fee for him.

    • Afraid he didn't, Southampton refused to pay so Green threatened court, and in order to finally 'end this saga from dragging on' (Davis' own words) Southampton settled out of court to the tune of £800,000. It was that or a court case. Davis had no altruism to this other than ensuring he got the move away. This is not an attack on him, incidentally, he did what he had to probably for his career's best interests, but he did not do it for Rangers' benefit.

    • And neither should he have done it for Rangers interest. As a family man and someone with a real fyrure in football, he did it for himself and his family: as anyone of us, would have done!

    • And neither should he have done it for Rangers benefit. As a family man and someone with a real future in football, he did it for himself and his family: as anyone of us, would have done!

  2. Not for me,especially if he wants big money,i think we can do better

    WATP LETS GO 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  3. He stayed and was sold to Southampton as far as I know he was one of the few who stayed loyal to the club n Charles Green sold him off to get him off the wage bill

  4. I hate all this "they left us" nonsense. Professional footballers with any ambition dont play in Scotland's 3rd division. Rangers are only starting to get bk to where we should be and Davis is 34. He needed to leave! Bring him in and build the belief in the squad as well as the talent!

    • Bo, I understand your point and I agree with it. BUT,it is all about how you go about it.
      TWO national captains who had no allegiance to Scotland or Rangers publicly stated "I stand by my club" while their agents made it clear to the club they could not be playing 4th Division football. We were unable to sell them, so they were loaned out for a year, then released. But they stood by us in our time of greatest need.
      While several self proclaimed lifelong Rangers fans ran, without a backwards glance for the club they loved.

      For me, some people have class. Others don't. I don't care about Davis one way or the other. I forgave McGregor because he delivered so much for us when he was there. Davis did a fair bit too My. ire is reserved for those that we supported, either because they were an embarrassment or through potentially career ending injuries. I never felt the same animosity towards Whittaker, because he was never a fan, it was just a job. He may not have had the class of Bocanegro or Goian, but he was not a traitor, just a professional looking after his family.

      My main issue with Davis is his age and I believe he does not play AM for Southampton, but DM, where we have lots of cover. So, who's jersey is he going to take? Arfield, doubt it. Jack or McCrorie? How does that help them develop?

  5. Too old. If your sums are right the doing nothing at Southampton for next six months will earn him same money as18 months at Ibrox. Real commitment if you are right so I think he will stay and pick up a free in summer. Anyway why can he not get into Saints team. They are almost bottom of PL.

  6. No! His time at Rangers has come and gone
    …I'd rather see us give games to young guys like McCrorie, Docherty, Barjonas.

  7. We need a No 10 immediately – Davis is that and a proven performer at Ibrox. No brainer if the wages are sorted

    • Stevo, I agree. Much better prospect, but not sure sheep would want to sell him to us. How about Lewis McLeod? He didn't want to leave. Was pushed out door a la Alan Hutton to bring in money. out of contract in summer, has refused to sign a new one, suspect he would love to come home.

    • I think I'd we offered a Fair/realistic amount they would 🤔
      And with his Family, He would WALK from Aberdeen to play for Us.

      I do like the idea of Bringing McLeod Back SWH, But He's been Riddled with Injuries
      #InjuryProne 🤔

    • I know McLeod has had injuries, so we would have to assess whether he is past them. A job for the medics.
      re Ferguson, sheep may release, but they may also have a very different idea of fair/realistic.

  8. Davis was a great player when he played for Rangers and i guess he was looking after himself when it all went wrong and to be honest who amongst us truly can hold a grudge against his decision at the time of uncertainty. His lack of playing time at Southampton though does raise concerns of his ability now but it looks like its going to happen and if Gerrard sees him as part of his plan to use his experience to win the league then we should welcome him back although i do think at his age it is a backward step. Lets see.

  9. If he came to Ibrox, it wouldn't upset me, however, we really need to think of the future and bring a younger, faster, skilful, harder and hungrier player in the centre midfield (did I just describe Docherty?).

    I would like to think Mr Allen and the rest of our scouting team have a list for Gerrard and our board to pick from. Just as long as that player can adapt and thrive in our fast and physical league, whereby other supposedly top class midfielders have failed.

  10. If we can tie Steven Davis for 20k a week them less have him for 18 months He is well capable knows the SPFL and especially knows Rangers and has them in his heart. He like all the other proper professional players left Rangers to play at a higher level for their reputation and family following our disgraceful treatment and outcome. Lee Wallace for example chose to stay for other reasons. So yes let's have him to get 55 .

  11. My concern with Davis is that he cannot get into a very poor Southampton side fighting relegation. The Steven Davis that left us would be a mainstay in that team.

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