Have Rangers just found their new ‘Barry Ferguson’?


Of the past four fixtures, friendlies or otherwise, two performances have been the polar opposite of two others.

While many point to the formation of the ill-suiting diamond 4-4-2, including ourselves, something else was missing against HJK and Killie that was present against Celtic and Livingston:

Ross McCrorie.

We have to admit this lad, one we previously dismissed as below the level of the likes of Jack, Coulibaly, Arfield and even Rossiter, has grown to become completely indispensable and is a must-pick every match given the way he has developed.

The finest product of Auchenhowie for many a year, the holding grafting defensive midfielder has become a crucial part of Rangers’ most potent and strongest midfield – his energy, grit and determination coupled with an increasingly mature reading of the game have come at the right time, and suggested major intent on his manager’s part to play him far more frequently than before.

Of course it wasn’t all plain sailing – McCrorie struggled in the 4-1-4-1 Gerrard started out with – the anchor was unable to play solo in front of the defence, isolated from the midfielders in front of him – thankfully Stevie ditched this system and brought the 4-3-3 in which helped McCrorie on the few occasions he did feature – having two peers around him aided his game and let him focus on destructive midfield and reading the game, rather than feeling like the whole weight was his alone.

And now the pairing of he and Ryan Jack is as good if not better than the Sean Goss/Greg Docherty duo which served us so well in spring of last year, and it’s seen the very best of McCrorie as the youngster blooms under Rangers’ current setup.

It’s nice to be proven wrong about a player when you don’t rate him – McCrorie has become what we didn’t expect, a truly impressive midfielder who deserves his place. Is he Rangers standard? We’d say he’s certainly going that way, and while he’s a very different player to Barry Ferguson who became a club icon, he only has to look at that example of what can be achieved if you’re made of the right stuff.

And McCrorie very much looks like he is.


  1. Hes been awesome his last 2 games. Should have played against kilmarnock! Looks by far and away our best midfielder right now.

  2. Young lad with a good future, the trouble at Rangers we judge players and write them off too soon ,a bad game a mistake all of a sudden it's he is no good, always been that way at Rangers as far back as i can remember. As Gerrand said when he came in the lad was damaged goods ,he is now getting his confidence back and hopefully move on to be one of our best for years to come.

  3. I have said all along Mccrorie should be first on that team sheet you dont catain Scotland at most youth levels if you are no good

  4. McCrorie and Docherty are young enough and good enough to play for us for the next decade. That's a lot of transfer fees saved. We need 6-7 midfielders to give us options
    Jack, McCrorie, Docherty, Arfield, Davis, Kamara, Murphy, Dorrans, Coulibaly and Rossiter is too many. Leaves no room for youth to come through.
    Lose Coulibaly, Dorrans and Davis and we still have 7 before adding a youth player or two. So, if Davis stays at least one other has to go. Maybe we can find a buyer for Rossiter. Personally, I can't see where Kamara fits into our team

    • That's why Stevie G is The Manager and we do what we are good at Buddy,

      Already, as I said too many times, Davies couldn't get a game for his own Club and is 5 years too slow here so far. No Deal.
      Rossitter Dorrans Coalofbully No. DORRANS for some reason is escaping justified questions. His sickness record is horrendous before and after Ibrox.

      Rossitter? Waste of skin
      I'm certain he'll mysteriously become an Ingulund great when he leaves
      Coulabaly is a fish out of football boots.
      And bag of shite in them.


    • Kamara will be a backup at first I'd imagine although I think he could do a job for us now. I really think this lad has some quality and at Rangers he will quickly become a top player. Certainly has all the attributes, but as you say ScotsWhaHae, where the hell do we play them all 🙂 Suppose that's Gerrards headache..

      We also have Barjonas out on loan who can maybe come back and kick on into a good player too! exciting times..

  5. Steady on IN. McCrorie is a fine young talent with potential but he has a long long way to go before he can achieve Barry Ferguson status.

  6. No – A good prospect that will only get better but he is more Kevin Thompson than Barry Ferguson for me. Ferguson had much more about him in terms of technique, natural ability and leadership qualities at a younger age and I can't see Mcrorie developing those sides of his game to the standard of Ferguson had. Hopefully I'm wrong, nothing would make me prouder than to see our team full of academy kids dominating Scottish football…

  7. Still early days but he has been impressive. Really good ball winner reminds me a bit of Stuart McCall the way he wins the ball back and bites into tackles but has the added bonus of being able to win more in the air with his height. Still think there's more to come from him in possession but he's learning all the time so looking forward to seeing him keep improving and can hopefully be that out and out defensive midfielder we've been looking for.

  8. Not for me mate he still has a bit to go and prove to us he can do it on a regular basis maybe through time this can happen.

  9. Spank yer Plank, hes great. Cos he aint foreign don't mean he doesn't have it.
    Others, WHY compare him to any other player ALL had talent and leadership qualities, some caused too much trouble amongst team members cos they thought they WETE the dog's.

    Let him progress ON the park. He's certainly tried long and hard enough compared to so many crap acquisition.

  10. Young MC Crorie will be an excellent nRangers player as he matures and develops he will not start all games. I am looking forward to seeing Kamara his pedigrees good

  11. Ross McCrorie, will be Ross McCrorie, the wee fella doesn't need to be compared to any player, he will be good enough to make his own mark in the team!
    I have always liked Ross, he is a honest lad with talent. He will Captain Scotland one day if he keeps digging in. It's great to see him grow into the team.

  12. My Hope for Young McCrorie Is that He Spends His Whole Career with Us and One Day Becomes our Captain.

    Big Fan of Young Ross and Really glad He Didn't get Sold to Swansea etc

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