Dominic Solanke

Dominic Solanke

We have to admit here at Ibrox Noise, more than one eyebrow was raised over the Dominic Solanke to Bournemouth deal.

Long-linked to Rangers on a loan basis, the 21-year old hitman is certainly a fairly decent player, but we are genuinely stunned to see Bournemouth pay £19M for a totally unproven striker who has only ever scored a single goal in the English Premier League in 21 appearances, a mere five of which were starts.

His 7 in 25 for Vitesse in Holland three years ago certainly suggests the boy can score, but nothing about him suggests around £20M in the EPL.

Is this the craziness of English transfer fees going to new heights? Trent Alexander-Arnold, last Spring, a regular for Liverpool by that point, was regarded ‘merely’ as a £15M player. He’s worth a lot more now, but that was then for a young English player who was becoming a frequent fixture in Jurgen Klopp’s first team. And who went to the world cup.

So Bournemouth shell out way in excess of that for a striker with effectively no CV?

We should highlight we have absolutely nothing against either Bournemouth or Solanke, and indeed this deal will probably help get the Defoe one over the line for us. But it’s staggering to see the numbers being shelled out now in England for players who are barely out of the youth academy, be it in Solanke’s case Chelsea’s or otherwise.

Liverpool have ended up with around £20M for a player they don’t need – and they will be laughing all the way to the bank over that one.

As well they should.

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  1. Bournemouth drew 3-3 with Watford the other evening. Attendance was just over 10 000. TV pays for it all. They are a 3rd division club who have flukes it into premier league. Good manager and decent owners. But compared with Rangers, Celtic,Ajax,Copenhagen etc. they are small fry. Same for Burnley, Huddersfield. Authorities should tackle.

    • Alan your comments are very harsh on Bournemouth, it takes more than a fluke to win the English Championship and then stay in the premier league. They are certainly not a 3rd division side. This Season I have seen Bournemouth 5 times including the Watford game and Rangers 9 times. They play good flowing football but like us spend too much time passing the ball between defenders. They may be small fry in terms of the teams mentioned but the premiership is a money maker no doubt and £20 million is seen as small fry. Unfortunately it shows just how far Scottish football has fallen but that is all down to the SFA who in their infinite wisdom thought it would be a great idea to relegate the greatest Scottish club with the biggest following to the lowest division. It is only now that people down south are starting to take notice due to that magnificent victory last weekend.

    • Alan, Bournemouth are actually a very decent side with an excellent manager who play good football. But I get what you are saying about the club itself even though they are very well run. The finances of the game are all wrong with more and more money going to the biggest clubs in the world while starving the smaller clubs. There is no way a club attracting 10,000 for home games should be able to afford a player at £19m while teams like Sunderland attracting 40,000 in the third tier struggle.
      Any TV contract awarded to the EPL should automatically have a significant percentage allocated to the lower leagues.
      Only today the Accrington owner was saying how difficult it is each season to keep his club afloat due to money all floating to the top clubs.

  2. It just shows the extra value English players have over other nationalities due to the cash available in the EPL. Goldson, Tav, Kent n Rossiter are more likely to be overvalued than other nationalities. The rules on foreign players after Brexit will likely increase the value of English players even more, particularly if they went through youths in English football so meet teams England based trained quota.

  3. I feel sorry for the smaller PL clubs though and how they get ripped off by the PLs bigger clubs.

    Because obviously someone like Huddersfield isn't going to have the same budget as say Man United

    Like for Example …Solanke
    …He ain't Worth Anywhere Near £19million

  4. Not sure about Solanke and wasn't that bothered that we never got him. His stats just don't add up and to say he is now a £19m player is laughable. He has achieved next to nothing in the game. Makes you wonder when you sit and assess what Morelos might be worth.

  5. The whole signing of Solanke has all the markings of Klopp Howe Gerrard triangle. Howe needed the wage movement Klopp wanted to move Solanke Gerrard wanted Defoe….Or am I being paranoid …Solanke not overpriced if you look at potential , Howe very shrewd those 2 strikers he has at the moment King & Wilson are both worth 15 each at least if not more

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